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Will you vote to re-elect Mayor Ashley Swearengin?


From the not-a-surprise-to-anybody-who-follows-local-politics department: Mayor Ashley Swearengin announced Thursday her plans to seek a second term.

In announcing her candidacy, Swearengin said: “I could not be more pleased with the progress of our city. We cannot stop now.”

From the sound of the today’s story — and other recent news coverage — most are considering Swearengin a shoo-in for a second term. The Bee’s George Hostetter writes:

Swearengin almost certainly will face competition in the June primary, and it’s looking almost equally certain that none of her opponents will have the name recognition and war chest to run anything other than a long-shot campaign …

That means the 2012 mayoral election is shaping up as a replay of the 2004 race when incumbent Alan Autry, despite his best efforts to find an acceptable candidate to take his place, ran a low-key campaign against weak competition in the primary and won in a landslide.

That, however, is countered by disgruntled Facebook commenters (what else is new?) who don’t seem to be buying it. One writes: “Who’s running against her? I’ll work for them 24/7 for FREE.” So I throw it to you, voters of Fresno, would you vote for another four years of Ashley? Why or why not?

Responses to "Will you vote to re-elect Mayor Ashley Swearengin?"

Stephen says:

I got a copy of her press release in my email and clicked on the ‘will you help?’ link, only to get an error message. When I logged on to the main site (ashley2012) it said “coming soon.”

Maybe they launched a bit early? I dunno.

To answer your question, I will definitely vote for her again. And I’m a liberal democrat.

In the Sity says:

Fugi should run for mayor. I would vote for him.

Michael says:

Timmy T should run for mayor.

Saundra F. Roth says:

Yes, I would vote for the Mayor again.