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Sorry, ladies of Fresno, you’re not good enough for Men’s Health


Men’s Health is back with another list that Fresno is near the bottom of: “Where America’s eligible women live.” Fresno ranked No. 97 out of 100, receiving an F grade, and beating out only Toledo (98), Bakersfield (99) and Las Vegas (100).

Washington D.C., because you’re wondering, ranked No. 1. Full results are on Men’s Health’s site under the headline “Where the babes are.” Makes it sounds super scientific, huh?

Per a press release from the mag:

To determine this ranking, Men’s Health examined data on the ratio of single women to single men, the percentage of college-educated women, the percentage of gainfully employed single women (all from the Census) and the number who work out (Experian Simmons).

Hmmm. I wonder what the ladies of upstart local blog The Full Moxie think about these findings.

Responses to "Sorry, ladies of Fresno, you’re not good enough for Men’s Health"

No jobs + no working out says:

I’m in total agreement with Fresno being near the bottom of this list. And I’m happy to see Bakersfield is even worse.

I’m just surprised Las Vegas ranked dead last while Anchorage nearly cracked the top ten.

Natali says:

Speaking as only one third of The Full Moxie trio, I will say that I suppose I can kind of see why we rank where we do, based on the selected criteria. Now this is just my own logic here- but, Fresno/Clovis has a very high population of Christians and church going people. I’ve heard us nicknamed “the Bible-belt of the West”. Typically, Christians tend to actually get married a bit younger than non-Christians, so that would decrease the single women population.

In thinking of my personal circle of close girlfriends, most are married- many are college educated and gainfully employed (or are stay at home moms) and at the age of 30, I could have said that same thing even several years ago.

So though I work out, am college educated and gainfully employed, I’m married. I’m not offended at being not considered a “babe” in this case, because I’m not eligible- because, well- it’s true, I’m not.

Just my two cents.

Heather says:

Speaking as another third of that Full Moxie trio, and an unmarried, college-educated woman, I say Men’s Health can eat a d***. Respectfully.

DLR says:

Haha big surprise. I think it’s funnier when we actually score well on one of these stupid lists.

Didn’t we score No. 2 or No. 3 for “Most Walkable Cities” in America? It was something hilarious and insane like that. The rankings were based on some ridiculous google maps data about how many grocery stores are in your vicinity.

Now excuse me while I lug $200 worth of groceries down Shave Ave.

JJJJ says:

Im going to have to agree with that ranking.

Oaktown Girl says:

The whole concept of being concerned whether a bunch of men think we are “Babes” or not is just another way to keep us psychologically imprisoned to oppressive patriarchal standards for women. To hell with that.

The big issue here is the level of unemployment and lack of employment opportunities here in the Central Valley. Didn’t it just make the news recently that it’s just about the worst in the country?

ECC says:

Ladies, clearly now is your time to prove Men’s Health wrong by becoming less ugly.