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Welcome to the Internet, Gotta Love Fresno


A new Fresno-centric web portal for videos launched this morning. It’s called Gotta Love Fresno ( and it’s backed by Comcast. Fresno is one of six cities in which Comcast launched similar sites as part of its Project Open Voice.

Much like YouTube, anybody can upload content to Gotta Love Fresno. Unlike YouTube, the folks behind Gotta Love Fresno invested in our local Internet community, commissioning new, original shows from some faces you’re probably familiar with. (Because it needs to be said: Kudos to Comcast to shelling out some money and getting behind some proven voices, instead of just recycling content.)

Gotta Love Fresno has three clip-style shows that’ll have new episodes weekly:

Gotta Love Fresno will also have recurring original videos from My Indie Nation, Taste Fresno and the duo of Cindy Wathen & David Kennedy that highlight interesting Fresnans.

In addition to all those, the site will include local channels for organizations such as Valley PBS, Fresno State and Swede Fest — they’ll host stuff that’s already on the web, but is now collected in one place.

I’d embed the first round of videos here, but I can’t seem to get them to work. For now, just head over to

Responses to "Welcome to the Internet, Gotta Love Fresno"

Israel says:

I love this! It also seems like it will have larger percentages of quality material. I can’t wait to both, see more and maybe even contribute.