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The Super Bowl commercial that really mattered to Fresno

There’s no shortage of people on the Internet today talking which Super Bowl commercials were good, bad, funny, offensive, etc. But how many blogs talking about the commercial that really mattered?

I’m talking, of course, about the Own A Car Fresno ad that made the local Super Bowl rotation. Now I’ve been critical of Own-A-Car’s spots in the past, but I didn’t totally hate this new one, produced (as always) by local company Blare Media.

First off, it features local musician Trey Tosh. Second, the storyline is bringing people downtown, which I can get behind. The annoying quasi-British voice is still there, but not at the center of the ad. And it actually makes Fresno look cool, instead of trying to make it look like something it’s not.

So what do you think, Fresnans: Still douchey or decent?

Responses to "The Super Bowl commercial that really mattered to Fresno"

Gil Vasquez says:

As much as I ridiculed previous Own A Car commercial mostly for, like you said, the quasi British accent. But with this new commercial and Trey Tosh, I can overlook the accent. Awesome!

Heather says:

True story: For the first 27 seconds of this commercial, I thought it was about DANIEL Tosh. I was so confused as to why Daniel Tosh was playing in a band in downtown Fresno.

Helen Prince says:

GREAT for Fresno!

Fae says:

Still douchey.

Ray Arthur says:

Ya know, I worked years perfecting that British accent and beat out a lot of English actresses at the audition so, back off!

Robert says:

The Trey Tosh makes up for the normal douchebag feel it has to it, then it has nobody Brandon Cash in it acting like hes somebody other than a sh***y tattoo artist and a horrible mma fighter. I give it 3/5 stars

Great? says:

Agree with Fae: still douchey….. but apparently that is the market for Own-A-Car… so….. hi Fresno.

Michael says:

This video needs more Ed Hardy shirts and tribal arm band tattoos.

Karma says:

What about the commercial that featured a local celebrity? (ok maybe celebrekitty)the Hyundai commercial at the beginning featured Tango, the cheetah from Project Survival Cat Haven.

jaurique says:

hot chicks in nice cars are what sells…. this commercial is a disappointment. but maybe all in this commercial are friends or family of the owners of car lot.

Damian says:

How about that douche that proposed to his gf using a super bowl ad for rogers jewelry

valerie says:

douchey as sh**. terrible!

Mike Oz says:

That was a contest put on by KSEE24. He won.

Robert -
I don’t know about his Tattooist skills but Brandon Cash is hardly a “horrible mma fighter” he did go 5-3-0 until an injury put him out of the ring. He was also a very nice guy to work with. But then again, hyperbole is the refuge of the uninformed and inarticulate. (especially on the internet)
BTW: I didn’t know who he was before the shoot so it’s not like I’m a fanboy.

Mike –
Thanks for saying something a little positive to contrast your previous statements. I welcome the fair play. As always, I contend that the audience that posts on here is not necessarily the clientele of Own A Car and does not see the intentionally overdone style of the OAC ads as a bad thing. Then again, maybe I’m wrong about that because I could only find 2 out 40 responders that sided against the OAC ads way back when. Either way, I was stoked to have it play on Sunday. Thanks for noticing!

pk says:

No one in Fresno is that well dressed!

Oh…wait…!! Do these comments qualify as
Sh** Fresnans say???

MsJoey says:

Very cool.
Blare Media did a fantastic job! As always!

JLH says:

Not only was Trey in the commercial, but the song used was called ‘Hold Your Breath’ from Trey’s former band SHIVERFOX (Jeremy Luvaas, the drummer, was also featured in the commercial.)