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Apparently this is a real thing: Zumba in the Club


I’ve seen my share of weird night promotions — anybody remember the free boob job night? — but here’s a new one: Zumba in the Club.

I suppose it kinda makes sense. Zumba is, after all, a dance-based workout routine that emphasizes being a “party.”

But in the club?!?!?

Is there (water) bottle service? Can you do tequlia shots during breaks? Will 50 Cent be there performing? (“You can do Zumba in the club / Look mami I got the X if you’re into some ‘cising / I’m into doin’ Zumba, I ain’t into treadmillin”)

I need answers!

Just a warning: If you see me during the next week or so, I’m probably going to randomly be yellling “ZUMBA IN THE CLUB!!!” in a half-Bernie Mac voice. Oh, and if anybody’s interested in making a “Zumba in the Club” dubstep song, I’m down to record some vocals.

Responses to "Apparently this is a real thing: Zumba in the Club"

bradley says:

Ask and ye shall receive.