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Dusty Buns back on the road again

UPDATE: I was mistaken. Dusty Buns won’t be at the Midtown Marketplace on Fridays. Instead at the Manchester Market. I’ve fixed and I bow to Bethany Clough for schooling me. Proper schedule below.


ORIGINAL POST: Dusty Buns Bistro Bus — Fresno’s beloved, but controversial gourmet food truck — is back on the road this week after a winter hiatus that saw its proprietors become parents.

Apparently, some people on Yelp think it’s too tough to keep up with Dusty Buns — oh, Yelpers, it ain’t that hard, really. So for them, and for any of you who haven’t enjoyed the Dusty Buns deliciousness yet, here’s where you can find the bistro bus on a weekly basis. Now go get you a Le Grilled Cheese.

WEDNESDAYS: The Kaiser farmer’s market, 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m. (Fresno & Alluvial)

THURSDAYS: At “It’s On Wishon” on Wishon Row, near Twee Boutique, Cafe Corazon, Tower Sports Club, etc. 6-9 p.m. (Wishon, between Fern and Floradora)

FRIDAYS: At Manchester Market, Noon-4(ish) p.m. (Shields & Blackstone)

Responses to "Dusty Buns back on the road again"

nice to see how you support local business Mike, wish there were more like you though

Jeffresno says:

Mike: The Bee news article said the buns would be at Manchester Marketplace on Friday. Here, you report that it’ll be the new Midtown Marketplace at the old Fresno Ag location (formerly at Manchester). Can we get a fact check?

Mike Oz says:

OK, I was totally wrong. Bethany was right. I misunderstood the entire marketplace change. Post changed. Thanks, Jefferson and Bethany.

Everette Sudduth says:

O’rly? :)