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Iron Bird Cafe is open again

UPDATE: Here’s more — pics, menu, etc. — from Bethany Clough on the news blog.

ORIGINAL POST: If you see a little extra pep in the step of downtowners today, it might be because Iron Bird Cafe is open again. The tumultuous story of Iron Bird — from beloved Mural District centerpiece to yet another downtown failure — starts a new chapter under the direction of Ann Liao, who owns the Teazer World Tea Market shops.

You can read more about the philosophy behind the new Iron Bird Cafe here and here. Good news: At least the IBC folks won’t be teasing coffee lovers anymore by posting pics like this on Facebook.


Responses to "Iron Bird Cafe is open again"

Carlos Perez says:

I’m beyond glad that IBC is back open and what’s more… it’s under the direction of Teazer’s own Ann Liao!!
I more than frequent Teazer in the downtown galleria (that is, I’m there almost every Monday through Saturday night — since they’re closed downtown on Sundays). Needless to say, my partner and I practically pay the PG&E bill there! :)
I truly hope that IBC flourishes just as Ann’s Teazer has.

I strongly believe that Ann’s letting IBC stay open until 11 at night will give the whole “there’s nothing to do in Fresno after 9 p.m.” crowd a little something to do now! I know I’ll be there, that is (though I’m not one of the “there’s nothing to do in Fresno” crowd)!

Yay for Ann!
Yay for Downtown Fresno!

Stephen says:

To paraphrase Donald, Ann is a local treasure.

Comes to Fresno broke (AN IMMIGRANT NO LESS!), works her butt off at Edo Ya as a bartender, saves as much money as she can to open her dream, a tea shop.

At the tea shop she and her partner insist upon perfection, comfort and quality service for customers,and works her butt off to decorate and maintain and restore the place.

Saves her money.

Opens another. Repeat.

And another. Repeat.

And then not content with her proven record of success, and filled with entrepreneurial spirit, she now opens a coffee shop with tapas.

She’s the 99%, and the epitome of the American dream. She’s a local job creator. Best of all? She did it without begging the City of Fresno for the money.

Local treasure indeed.

Micheal Katz says:

Anne and the chef are both idiots ive been there before and i can say this place is no more than a glorified starbucks who gives a hoot the foods bland its too much for how they glorify it anne your in the wrong bussiness go back to bartending and look more professinal if in the food enviorment lol