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Introducing: Ozmosis on New Rock 104.1


I’m happy to announce that starting Sunday, I’m headed to a new platform — radio. I’m joining New Rock 104.1 for a weekly radio show that we’re calling Ozmosis. It’ll air Sundays at 9 p.m. as part of a block of speciality programs. I’m sandwiched between Homegrown (the local band show) and Love Line (whattup, Dr. Drew!).

My vision for the show is simple: I’m going to play local bands, bands who are coming to the Valley to perform and music I dig that you might not hear on the radio too often. All of it, mostly in the indie rock vein. What’s really cool — and New Rock 104.1 deserves props for this — is that I’m getting creative control to play what I want. That’s not very common in the mainstream landscape these days.

Much like what you see here on The Beehive or in my Fresno Bee columns, I’ll be adding a community vibe to the show. Don’t be surprised to hear me talking about non-music Fresno happenings from time to time or bringing guests into the studio to discuss how they’re making our town rock a little harder. Being the web savvy peeps that we are, you can also expect to listen to (or re-listen to) the shows online whenever you want. I’ll post them here on The Beehive and they’ll be up at New Rock’s site too.

I hope you’ll tune in this Sunday night — and even more, I hope I can expose you to some new music that you’ll dig.

Responses to "Introducing: Ozmosis on New Rock 104.1"

brodiemash says:

Wolfman Oz!! Congrats!

Zara says:

Very cool, Mike!

And if you ever need anyone to discuss teenybopper pop…

DLR says:

will there be a podcast?

about #$%#$%@#$%&^& time! go mike!

Terri says:

Congrats Mike!

ed says:

congrats, mike. hope it goes well.

Turtle says:

Awesome job Mike!

Migz says:

Congrats!! That’s dope sh** man. I’ve been reading your post for quite some time now and I never hesitate to recommend you to my friends and new acquaintances. I listen to all kinds of music but my true love his hip-hop. I rarely listen to the radio because of the bubble gum pop sh** that plaques the airways but when I do the station of choice is 104.1. You’re going to be a great addition and Congratulations again.

stevecrozz says:

Cool deal Mike, I’ll give you a listen.

Ryan says:

Well done! That’s awesome.

JJJJ says:

Sounds good. I listen to homegrown so ill keep the radio on.

SW Parra says:

OZ-some Mike! looking forward to it.

The Fresnan says:

Congrats, Mike Oz, and yes I’m jealous.

Kem says:

Congrats Mike! I can’t wait to listen to your show!

ed says:

do you know what the podcast will be called?