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Fresno makes the front page of Yahoo! … and not for a good reason

Fresno and its 15.7% unemployment ranks No. 2 on U.S.News & World Report’s “Top 10 Worst Cities to Find a Job” list — which hit the national spotlight today when it was prominently featured on Yahoo!’s. front page

Even more troubling: Six of the top seven cities are from the San Joaquin Valley with Merced at No. 1, Modesto at No. 3, Stockton at No. 4, Visalia-Porterville at No. 5 and Bakersfield-Delano at No. 7.


There’s got to be at least a little bit of sad irony in this happening on the same day an estimated 1,500 Fresno County employees walked out of their jobs as part of a three-day strike to protest a 9% paycut.

Responses to "Fresno makes the front page of Yahoo! … and not for a good reason"

Delaine Zody says:

This is not news. We’ve known it for a long time. The city and the county need to work on getting major corporations to come here, not worrying about what to do with the Fulton Mall.

Al says:

Totally agree with Delanie. If something is viable, it doesn’t need subsidies. And if it has subsidies and is still not successful, it’s a total waste. Why do we spend time on land no one wants?

Lucii says:

I saw that on Yahoo today and I was afraid to click on it for this exact reason. Da*n, I hate when I my gut is right. Poor Fresno, it never gets a a break.

blake says:

I sure hope they don’t build that there Highly Speedy Rail train…cuz that might knock us offa such a prestigious list.

Jason says:

More small businesses would result in more money staying in the local community. Large businesses do provide better benefits though. What we really need are businesses that export goods and services to draw capital in, not businesses that simply shuffle around what little we have.