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Make a viral video, bail on Fresno. Thanks, Sarah Blackwood

This post was supposed to be one telling you to go to Fulton 55 tonight to see Canadian singer Sarah Blackwood perform. Supposed to. It’s not anymore. Why? Because Sarah Blackwood bailed on us.

Here’s the story: Her show had been on the calendar at Fulton 55 since November, eagerly promoted by a local lady with a new production company called Poetic Justice. But then, the Internet threw everybody a curve ball. Blackwood joined up with fellow Canuck band Walk Off the Earth for a video that EXPLODED online after being posted Jan. 5. It was making the rounds as “five people, one guitar” and has amassed 25 million YouTube views so far. Damn.

And there went the Fresno date. Blackwood canceled her whole West Coast tour to go do the things people with viral videos do — ya know, make the TV rounds and plot how to extend their 15 minutes of fame.

Here’s a statement from Blackwood:

Due to recent circumstances I sadly had to cancel my west coast tour. The newest video I did with Walk Off The Earth has had to cancel my west coast tour. The newest video I did with Walk Off The Earth has gone globally viral and it has been an insane 3 days! I want you all to know that I feel terrible for this. I have the best fans in the world and I hope you all understand. Thank you all and I hope you understand that I need to be at home right now so we can take the next steps which we don’t even know what they are cause we’re all in SHOCK!!!!!! xoxo much love. Stay true! This is going to be crazy!


But the show will go on: Opening acts Marie Wilson (a British-born vocalist) and Danielle Rondero (a local singer from The Burners and King Sugar) take over the concert, which is now free and starts at 8 p.m.

Tonight, concertgoers will be asked to sign a show poster that will be sent to Blackwood so she can see how much people in Fresno missed her. Promoters say Blackwood will re-schedule her date, which will be nice if it happens — ya know, if something else doesn’t come up.

Responses to "Make a viral video, bail on Fresno. Thanks, Sarah Blackwood"

Stephen says:

A signed poster sent to her??

WTF for? Eff her.

What’s she supposed to say/do when she gets it? Post another twat that says “Sooooo sorry Fresno, I missed you too! Hope to C U soon xxoo SarahFamousNow!”

She dogged two promoters who probably shelled out some $$ to get this show on the road.

Forget the signed poster. How about a signed lawsuit instead to recoup the costs?

ed says:

i’m glad she feels “terrible for this.”

really, the video is novel, but it’s a cover song. the original song sounds better, and the original video is interesting. and, it has more nudity.

Heather says:

In protest, I will not watch the video.

Danielle Rondero is a friend to the Beehive — go out and support her!

pk says:

Wow…..turning the other cheek? I would and just walk! (away from signing a poster!)

Danielle says:

Thanks, Heather! I appreciate the support! :)

Nick says:

I agree with everyone else about NOT sending a poster to her. I know she can do the whole TV thing now but, wouldn’t it make more sense as an artist, to continue to do shows and be happy that you’re selling out gigs?

MsJoey says:

My good friend put A LOT of time and energy into this concert. She worked frantically to ensure compliance with the contract, even offering full coverage of her flight and hotel stay. She wanted so badly to bring Sarah to Fresno. Sadly we were stunned and shocked that Fresno was blown off so callously. However, as a true professional, my friend is doing all she can to keep the show going. Her disappointment in the outcome is much larger than she’ll show but in all reality, Sarah would’ve gained more respect and popularity if she’d honored her commitment to not only Fresno but the entire west coast tour.
Best of luck to her.

DLR says:

wonder what the ticket sales were like. I don’t blame her for bailing!

ed says:

really? you don’t blame her for not honoring her contractual obligation just because she is a part of a viral video? you think she should have cancelled her whole west coast tour swing, leaving promoters and venues in a lurch?

now, i’m not exactly sure if she cancelled all of her west coast dates after the video went out (1/5) but we’re talking about possibly cities like seattle (1/9), portland (1/10), and santa cruz (1/15), along with other cities that may have good music scenes (eureka, redding, lompoc & yes fresno + others). promoters & venues remember this sort of thing. and if your “next big thing” status doesn’t take off like you thought it would from your viral vid, those promoters may not want to book you again.

i’m not wishing her any bad luck or whatnot, but cancelling shows at the last minute usually doesn’t make fans, promoters or venues like you.

blake says:

There’s a story told (more than a story, backed by dates/contracts). The Beatles were starting to hit it big in England & Europe(you know…they did hit pretty big). They still had a few dates scheduled at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.(The place does not hold a lot of people…esp. when compared to the large theaters where the Beatles were starting to be booked.) Their manager Brian Epstien made sure that they honored those last few dates at the Cavern. That’s class. They probably gained a lot of lasting good will with that sort of behaviour. They went on to have a pretty good career too. (They probably were even on TV and stuff.)

Israel says:

This is not convincing as a live performance btw. I have a very strong inclination that this performance was pre-recorded one voice and instrument at a time.

Betty says:

I agree with Israel on this one. If you watch closely you can see that the guitar strings don’t line up. The neck and the soundhole don’t always match either.

blake says:

that last comment was hilarious–about the soundhole and such…but seriously folks, doesn’t the man to the lady’s left..when he sings…doesn’t the voice sound ‘doubled’? video, either way.