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[UPDATE] Kasey Kahl: Still making Fresno proud … on TMZ this time


UPDATE II: And the train keeps on wrecking. Now, Kasey’s camp has released a statement about his arrest. Kasey’s lawyer calls it a fame-grab. Here’s what he told CBS 47:

We’re confident when all the facts are brought forth that Kasey will be completely vindicated in the situation. There’s no charges filed and I think this is just a case of someone looking to grab their 15 minutes of fame. Very Jersey Shore-like if you ask me.

UPDATE, 1/17: Oh, the story gets more salacious. The Bee’s Jim Guy got a hold of the police report, which tells a more complete and, for Kasey, a more sad story. Fighting with a couple, giving a girl a bloody nose and pulling out his “celebrity” card, according to police.

From The Bee:

[Kahl] was described in a police report as “very intoxicated and belligerent.” He was taken into custody because officers determined he was “unable to care for himself in public.” Kahl protested to officers that he was a “celebrity.

Read the full story for more, and read the police report for yourself.

ORIGINAL POST, 1/16: Sigh. Fresno is the top story on TMZ at the moment, thanks to local reality TV goofball Kasey Kahl, who was arrested at Club Habanos over the weekend, for being what famed the gossip site is calling “a drunken mess.”

I suppose this shouldn’t surprise anyone — a reality TV trainwreck turned apparent real-life trainwreck. Yipee!

Here’s the dirt that TMZ has:

“Bachelorette” star Kasey Kahl was arrested Sunday morning in Fresno, CA — hometown of Kevin Federline — after cops say he was drunk and disorderly at a nightclub … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Kahl — who recently appeared on “Bachelor Pad” — was allegedly involved in an incident at a place called Club Habanos. So far, it’s unclear exactly what Kahl is accused of doing wrong.

Kahl was booked at a nearby police station — where he took one of the prettiest mug shots we’ve ever seen and was released a few hours later.

All a stunt for Kahl’s next upcoming reality TV adventure, “Relationship Rehab?” Or just the obvious conclusion to being a reality TV “celebrity” with a broken heart? I suppose we’ll have to wait to hear more details.

This is, however, more fodder for everyone out there who makes a “Fresno is the drunkest city” crack at every available opportunity. So you can all thank Kasey for that. Just don’t buy him a drink, mmmkay?

[photo: TMZ]

Responses to "[UPDATE] Kasey Kahl: Still making Fresno proud … on TMZ this time"

Tommy O says:

I still don’t know who this guy is as probably 90% of the people in the club too.

Juan says:

Ok, I give up…who is this guy lol.
I don’t watch those shows….i hate being out of the reality loop. *sarcasm lol

Stephen says:

GAWD I want to hate Kasey. He’s arrogant and too damn pretty and horrendously egotistical cuz he knows he’s pretty.

Unfortunately the only times I usually run in to Kasey are at one of the many many charity events he does. I’ve heard he never says no to a Fresno charity, even tho he says no to many other offers and places.

And I’m not even talking about just ‘appearances’ at charity events. I’ve watched him drag money our of his pocket to support many a charity.

All while getting laid…damn him.

MsJoey says:

Leave the poor dude alone!
So he got drunk. Big deal.
He’s done so much in the community that I think it’s okay for Fresno to back him up and forgive a small slight against, well, himself.
Lighten up, Fresnerds.

TMZ Fan says:

But did he try to sing a song to the officers or the girl with the hurt nose? THAT would have been priceless.

Danny says:

Im curious, what charities has Mr. Kahl supported? All we hear about are his drunken exploits, not his philanthropic work. Sounds like he needs a better PR Rep.

cjl says:

Being publicly intoxicated is one thing – assault on two people, then trying to pull the “celebrity” card is something else.

And the notion that philanthropic endeavors and charity work somehow excuse poor judgment and bad behaviors is ridiculous.

Sigh.... says:

Yeah, come on Freznerds. So he hit a girl…IN THE FACE. Who cares, right? And he punched the girl’s boyfriend in the head several times. LIGHTEN UP! These things happen!

He’s sets such a good example for Fresno’s youth that we should give him a pass. If only ALL Fresnans were as responsible and giving (of punches) as Kasey.

Tone says:

Who is this person?

Mike Oz says:

Local guy who was on “The Bachlorette” and “Bachelor Pad” — it’s all in the post.

Stephen says:

@Sigh… I don’t think Kasey’s life goal is to be a role model.

@cjl – I posted before the assault info came to light – I just thought he got nabbed for being drunkydrunk.

@Danny – I’ve seen Kasey at Breast Cancer fundraisers, at a fundraiser for a child with cancer, and at another charity gig I did comedy for (can’t for the life of me remember the charity). That’s 3 that I know of…and I know he donated $$ at the Breast Cancer fundraiser.

Dude says:

It’s amazing how many people give money and time to charity and DON’T act like belligerent jerks, or expect to get a pass on their bad behavior because of their goodwill.

Being a drunken ass is being a drunken ass. You can’t excuse it with dollar signs.

And if Kasey’s life goal is to be a drunken ass: mission accomplished.

wanda says:

i met him a few times at various pubs-a bit overly flirty but harmless but being drunk i can’;t say i’ve seen him drunk.But he is great in bed

Geoff says:

Who cares how much he’s does for some socialite charity he is a jack off. Move to la and get your trash out of Fresno