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Tonight: Take a bite out of Mayor Swearengin … or something

At tonight’s January installment of Local Bites, Mayor Ashley Swearengin and the pack of foodies at TasteFresno travel to Sante Fe Basque. OK, you don’t actually take a bite out of the mayor — but it is a chance to dine with her. How many mayors have you had dinner with? Getting Starbucks and seeing Alan Autry doesn’t count!

Here’s a video from TasteFresno’s web series that sets up tonight’s event. Want even more info? Get it on their site.

If you want something a little more rockin’ tonight, check out what’s happening in some of music venues:

Responses to "Tonight: Take a bite out of Mayor Swearengin … or something"

Christy says:

I had heard good things about Sante Fe Basque myself, so I finally tried it for myself. What a disappointment! When my boyfriend and I walked in, we were not acknowledged and pretty much ignorned for long while. It may have been because it was a slow night and only one server working. We were finally seated in a booth in the bar area. I observed the bar to be populated by what appeared to be strictly locals/regulars who didn’t care much for outsiders. Service was lousy. Food was overpriced and bland at best ~ nothing special. Despite having a $25 gift certificate from, it still wasn’t worth it in my opinion. Sorry, but not even a chance to dine with the Mayor herself could get me to go back there for a repeat performance :(