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Who needs Obama when you got Vermin Supreme?

I was watching the GOP presidential debate on Saturday night, and there seemed to be one thing on which all the white guys could agree: Obama need not be in office anymore. While it’s basically a foregone conclusion that President Obama would once again get his party’s nomination, don’t think you, given the climate of the country, that perhaps we should consider a different Democrat?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Vermin Supreme. Here’s Mr. Supreme from the recent Lesser Known Candidates Debate in New Hampshire. Among his campaign promises: When he’s president, everybody gets a pony.

Kinda Brian Kenney Fresno meets Dumbledore, dontcha think?

Responses to "Who needs Obama when you got Vermin Supreme?"

Dale Stewart says:

“Give up a kidney” and “harness the awesome power of zombies” gotta love the wacky fringe-candidates! We’ve had few right here in Fresno.