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Coming soon: The return of Iron Bird Cafe


The resurrection of Iron Bird Cafe — the Mural District hot spot turned combusted coffee hub — is imminent, reports The Bee’s Bethany Clough.

We already knew that the ownership from Teazer World Tea Market is taking over Iron Bird Cafe, but this week we learned that management hopes to open the week of Jan. 15.

In Bethany’s Wednesday story, we learned a number of things others about the new IBC, including:

  • The new Iron Bird will have a variety of world coffees, including Turkish coffee, Vietnamese coffee and cold-drip coffee.
  • “Soup and sandwiches, along with tapas — such as cheese plates and smoked salmon — will be served all day. Dessert, including pastries, tiramisu and four-layer cakes, will also be on the menu.”
  • “New, comfy couches and other seating will encourage people to linger and use the free-with-purchase wireless Internet, Liao said. The cafe will be open 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.”
  • “Some things will remain the same: barista Kevin Lindholm from the former Iron Bird Cafe will work at the new one.”

Does these new IBC plans sounds like they’ll win over the cafe’s previous loyalists? Read the full story for more. We’ll update you when we here a solid opening date for Iron Bird Cafe.

[photo: John Walker/The Fresno Bee]

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Responses to "Coming soon: The return of Iron Bird Cafe"

Ryne says:

I ingested that very cappuccino pictured!

Cody says:

As a former everydayer,i cant say ill be going anytime soon. At one time IBC was the best place to hang with a friend. After it closed many of us moved away from Iron Bird. (Granville can build, but CANT run a complex.) Rent is WAY to hi for the area, there is no amenities around. Resturants/coffee shops are like car dealerships, they do better with more coffee shops/resturants around them. Granville wont allow anyone to sell alcohol in their buildings (hence that great resturant at fulton village is non existent even though they have been trying to lease it for a lil more than a year..cant have a resturant with no alcohol!). This IBC will be affected by the poor managment of Granville as well. It has lost Gary a reason many people became regulars were because of him. I also dont think it can pull in the same quality of shows that the old one hhad a night. And most importantly..THE COFFEE!.im sorry turkish coffee isnt that great…heck most coffee cant beat the old ibcs…anyway im ranting sorry hahaha

Sarah says:

If they can figure out how to ring up a coffee to go in less than 10 minutes, I’ll be a regular.

Stephen says:

Cody, on the plus side, Teazer owners understand how important good product is – their teas are amazing when made right, and they act pretty swiftly if they hear any of their employees don’t know how to mix the ingredients properly.

On the plus side, That Guy Kevin is pretty well known/beloved by most everyone who knows him, and has eons of experience from Revue and La Boulangerie and the old Iron Bird cafe.

On the questionable side: Does tea experience = coffee experience? The Teazer owners were high-quality bartenders before they did tea, but they always loved tea, and I think owners have to love coffee before they can brew/serve it.

And let’s hope the food is good, because it’s just a side show at Teazer, just overpriced something to have on the side.

We’ll see – I hope the best for them.

JJJJ says:

Your rant on the quality makes no sense because you havent experienced it at all. For all you know, the new place will have the best coffee in the world. It’s poor form to say that the old coffee was better before trying the new stuff.

The alcohol stuff, however, is important to talk about. Youre right that very few restaurants will want to move in if they dont allow alcohol sales. You wont get anything more upscale than a taco joint with that policy, and even then, most taco joints sell beer.

Anonymous says:

FINALLY! I’ve been trying to sneak a peak everytime I drive by. The lights are always on into the wee hours of the night……..

LDSisRight says:

Well, if the prices are anything like at Teazers, it will be a bust as the Mural District is low income and yes, the rents are way to high for the area, too! At the tops the rents shouldn’t be more than $900 a month for the new Fulton Village and the IB Lofts no more than $750 a month!

Anonymous says:

LDSisRight – then how do you explain all of the people currently living in Fulton Village and IBL? They all pay rents above the average. They are paying for an URBAN as opposed to a SUBURBAN lifestyle like every other Fresnan.

LDSisRight says:

There was nearly 1/2 turnover at IB Lofts after the first year, due to the increase in rent, just wait Fulton Village! Yeah, my suburban lifestyle is cheaper with a longer drive (10 minutes to downtown) along with cheaper car insurance than living in downtown! I would love to live there, but why when I can rent a large lakeside home at Woodward Lake, for less than $1.500 a month! No wonder there is hardly anyone in downtown after 6:00 PM, except for the homeless!

Jen Blair says:

This is so sad to hear. I just moved from Fresno so thanks Fresno Bee for keeping me in the loop. :) I used to LOVE coming here for lunch, coffee, and meeting with friends. The old owners were so nice and the quality was superb. My friends and I would crave their food and often drive from north Fresno to downtown just to visit IBC. Old IBC will be missed. Good luck new IBC.

DukeMatisse says:

They brought in a chef to run the food side of things; sandwiches, papas, salads(huge ones), deserts and all kinds of other goodies: the coffee and food will be nothing like what the old Iron Bird was up to and quite a bit has been done to the interior as well… Feb 1st!!

Jet says:

Coffee is great as usual but service is suspect. Brought a couple of friends from out of town to show off Fresno and support local…but wait staff removed our unfinished cheese plate as if to say its time to leave…not a way to treat customers. My friends were not impressed! And I am not happy.

Wait staff has to learn the meaning of “serving”. You are there for your customers’ pleasure…otherwise they are not coming back.