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Win tickets to see Gabriel Iglesias


Gabriel Iglesias is at Saroyan Theatre on Saturday night — part of a comedy doubleheader at the theater that includes Jerry Seinfeld on Friday. Iglesias promises to bring a packed house. He’s sold out the theater a couple times in the past.

You can get tickets at Ticketmaster for $43 … or you can score pair right here, for free. Just leave a comment below telling us why you love Iglesias. Deadline to enter is 9 a.m. Friday.

Our winner will be chosen at random and notified by e-mail, so please leave a valid address and please check it. You’re ineligible if you’ve won something from us in the past 30 days. Complete rules below.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. A winner will be picked at random. Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win tickets to see Gabriel Iglesias"

Christina says:


Katie Sanchez says:

I love @fluffyguy because he’s hella funny! He met my lil nephew and took pics with him. I want to go see him if I don’t win I will buy my tickets. I want to win them tho of course. I love to lol!

Kim says:

I need some more happy (and fluffy) in my life.

Gilbert Hernandez says:

Rumor has it that Gabriel Iglesias and Pitbull are twins…I can definitely see the resemblance

Jesus arizaga says:

Dayyyuuummm I love this guy he is always funny, he is fluffy and has a good white lady voice.

Migz says:

This guy is a great person on and off the stage. Had a chance to meet him in person and was totally down to earth!

Blanca Lamas says:

I love the way he makes sound affects during his act. I want to win these tickets. It will be a great night.

Reyna says:

I’ve been following him since last comic standing. Not fat but FLUFFY! haha

Bertha Loks says:

I didn’t even know he was coming to Fresno. I would love to see him. I’ve been wanting to see him for awhile.

This guy is terribly funny I love to watch him and by the way doesn’t he kind of look like a grown up version of the kid on Modern Family (Rico Rodriguez)?

Jason says:

Love the voices!

Mister E says:

How could you know love this guy, he brings laughter to the world. He’s flippin’ HILARIOUS!

Lorena says:

I love Fluffy because he gets into his joke by adding sounds and acting crazy on stage. I love most about him is he is FLUFFY and FLUFFY is so nice :D lol

Missie says:

Iglesias is absolutely hilarious, and honest. He is open about himself & his size. He isn’t ashamed of who he is, not does he try to hide it! Inface he embraces it. His confidence and hilarity is contagious!

Tudor Stanley says:

Love the fluffy comedian!

Debbie Zamora says:

With 3 of our own kids and 2 additional kids living with us, my husband and I would love to get out for a date and see one of our favorite comedians! Iglesias is freaking hilarious and we could definitely use a break from reality!!

Gina Sandoval says:

Oh would love to go!

khiavdim says:

I love Gabriel because he’s so FLUFFY! Also love his sound effects, especially his squeaky girl impressions!

frances says:

Fluffy comedians are the Best.

Veronica says:

He is so funny. Would love to see him live.

Jarrod says:

He’s’s that simple.

Ashley says:

He always makes me laugh!

Sara says:

A fluffy guy who likes cake? Yup, he’s my kinda guy! I love his posts (and especially his pictures) on FB. I’ve seen all of his comedy specials but haven’t been able to go see him live yet…

Liz Rodarte says:

I could use a good laugh after a rough 2 years with health issues. This years gonna be great, and what better way to start the new year laughing with Gabriel I.
a.k.a Fluffy!!! Please pick me…i couldn’t afford tickets when he came to Hanford. Still can’t.

Rita says:

FLUFFLY! Love his son impersonation

Who wants chocolate cake??

Kyle says:

Hes hilarious

He makes me pee my pants!

Charmaine George says:

I love that size “does” matter in his comedy. He is a local boy (sort of) who is making it. Need a good laugh to kick start this new year the right way.


Zabrina says:

One of the BEST!!

Maria Enriquez says:

OMG he is just so FLUFFY! Watching him live would be the ultimate experience. I laugh so hard watching his comedy central specials I’ve even fallen down laughing.

Val M says:

I love Fluffy!! How could you not? The guy’s willing to take on any subject, including his own imperfections–helps me better appreciate my own! As a bonus, my son has been hounding me for tix since the show was announced–it’d be nice to win them since I just transferred jobs ;)

Ben says:

Because he is fluffy and considers chocolate cake to be a part of a well-balanced diet.

LuvlyRta says:

I love Gabriel Iglesias because he’s fluffy and embraces it!!!

silviachick says:

Fluffy! Always has me laughing my butt off.

Rebecca says:

Love the fluffiness and the laughs!

John R. says:

Yes, pick me! He is hilarious lol

Lisa says:

This guy is super funny. Would love to see him live.


Daniel Porraz says:

He is so hilarious and I would love to see him live, it would make my year!!! =)

Desiree hamilton says:

Omg i would love to see him! I cant afford tickets so it would be so wonderful if i won! My husband loves him too!!

Jose says:

The wife would love to see him she thinks he is one of the funniest Latino comedians out there. Please let me have those tickets!

Rachel says:

We love him because we have a Martin in our we can relate! :) Gabriel Iglesias just makes life more bearable in hard times :)

Sam Holmes says:

I love him because he’s fluffly like me, and he doesn’t let it get him down. I score the tickets and I’ll bring the chocolate cake!

David C. says:

I’ve been to every show he’s done in Fresno but I couldn’t afford tickets to this one. He’s fluffy like me. He’s a brilliant story teller and that’s what makes him an excellent comic. I became a fan when he did his “how many cows did it take to make that belt” joke he did on the Comedy Central show called “Make Me Laugh.”

We both love chocolate cake. And that right there, was enough for me to become a fan.

Juan Velazquez says:

He’s the funniest fat, excuse me…the funniest fluffy guy I’ve ever watched!

Toni says:

Love him “Fluffy” that’s what I always say!!

YSerrato says:

He is hilarious. He keeps his show relatively happy- it’s not negative all the time. I love his voice overs.

danraya says:

He’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!

gilbert chavez says:

What I love the most about Gabriel is his style of comedy! He jokes about actual events he doesn’t sit down and write these jokes down and tell him tell himself its funny he just gets out there and expresses his life experiences in a hilarious way!! So I’d be extremely happy to win a pair of tickets to see Gabriel live it would be a experience I will never forget but even if I do not win I will support Gabriel to the fullest!! So GO GETTEM FLUFFY!!!! lol

Kristin W. says:

I have a blind date and need to do something fun!!!!!!

Israel says:

I’d love to win some for my wife. She loves his comedy.

Grace Solis says:

fluffy had me from the time I saw him and he did a routine which included a President Clinton impersonation. He said he was making fun of Clinton on stage and the Secret Service tracked him down, and put Clinton on the phone and asked him (in his best Clinton voice) “I heard you been talking about me gordito!) Since then, he has been on my A list!

I also got to take a picture with him at Chuckchansi, his front men waved us away, but Fluffy stepped right up and said “No’ I’ll take the picture”. That was all class!

gregwill77 says:

January 9th is my son’s 27th Birthday and making him laugh is the greatest birthday present I can give him!

alex hurtado says:

Fluffy just makes me laugh

Veronica Mendez says:

he’s funny && fluffy (:

Michelle A says:

I love his sense of humor & honesty! I wanna bear hug from him :)

Maribel Hernandez says:

Pick me, Pick Me,I just as fluffy as the rest of them. Would be my first time to see him in person.

Lisa Ovalle says:

I love Gabriel because he can be funny without being nasty. So many comedians get downright vulgar with their jokes and thinks that’s comedy. Gabriel doesn’t need to do that to be funny!

ANDREA says:

I’m Not Fat….I’m Fluffy!!!!

Celina says:

Because he represents la gente! Fluffier everywhere UNITE!

Jellys says:

Did someone say CAKE!!!!

Rudy Amaro says:

I’ve seen him on cable numerous times. Makes me laugh because he is real passionate with his comedy. He can even laugh at himself which makes him that much better and he doesn’t get raunchy. Hope to see him in person.

Michelle Garcia says:

My husband and I watch him every chance we get on TV. Would be great if we could have a date night without the kids. (:



Juliana Bonilla says:

I love Gabriel because he is hilarious and truly cares about his fans

Luis says:

“Chocolate cake”!!!!.. and the Donut skit are hilarious!!

Suzanne Pichardo says:

OMG!!!! I would love 2 C “Fluffy” my friends just went to C him for New Years & RAVED about him!!!! I have never seen him in person, this would start off the New Year in the most AWESOME way!!!!!

Patrick Camacho says:

Gabriel and I were Fluffy, before being Fluffy was cool!

Maria Aranda says:

I’ve never seen him perform live and he is soo funny and I love comedy so I should win :)

Lori French says:

Gabriel Iglesias is the kind of comedian you can listen to around your parents without getting embarrassed because he’s so silly! And I love his bit on the levels of fluffiness– oh, hell nah!

Brian A. says:

He is one of the few Latino stand-up comics that I think are actually funny. This guy is a crack-up! Also, he likes cake.

Lucinda Anderson says:

Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope I win. He is one of my familys FAVORITE comedians!!

Kelli Sadsad says:

This guy is actually very funny! I never really got into stand up until I saw his work!

James Castillo says:

This guy is legit! I’ve never seen him live but from what I have seen, he is hilarious!

George Grim says:

He is one of the few stand-up comics that I think are actually funny.

Judith Palmer says:

Comedy always changes your mood, laughter is the best medicine

Pete says:

Nothing, Cooking, Cake, Chocolate

Ronita says:

Because he’s hot and fluffy

Bino Escobar says:

I would to like to see him live.

Lucy says:

Why do I love Gabriel Iglesias? Plain and simple…he is freaking hilarious!! Watching him in person would be awesome!!

sandy says:

Have seen him on t.v very,very funny.

Rosalinda Cooper says:

Pick me! Pick me! This would be the absolute best gift to give my best friend!!!!

Carole says:

I want to randomly win tickets!!

Julie Bertagnolli says:


Panida says:

Man this guy is awesome! I love laughing at his jokes and stories. I watched him for a couple years now and I need a good laugh with him live. It would be a great new years gift(:

Mari says:

Love Gabriel Iglesias because I can SO identify with his humor. It’s so nice to hear a hispanic comedian who’s standup routine is funny and just a little racy, instead of flat out filthy. Any comedian who can make you identify with him and can do so without reverting to filthy, profane filled humor is a winner in my book!

Ana Herrera says:

I was told Gabriel is related to Enrique Iglesias so I want to see if he too can sing.. Oh and if his hair is real.. Oh wait Gabriel does show his bald head unlike his primo!

kelley bell says:

He’s hilarious!!!

Ana Casillas says:

I love Gabriel Iglesias BECAUSE HE IS THE FUNNIEST mexican out there!!!! Plus I’m a baker and i know he LOVES CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This can also be an early Birthday presant for me! :-)

Terry Anderson says:

He is a comedian I can sit and watch together with my family. It brings us closer with laughter. Also, me and the wife need a night out!! LOL!

Christy says:

I ♥ Gabriel Iglesias because he’s funny (like me), fluffy (like me), and hispanic (like me)! Plus, I was laid off 3 years ago (this month) and can’t afford to buy tix ;p

David Chenot says:

Because he’s a homeboy, of course! I love the way he has with the cops!

Brianna B. says:

it’s the fluff

Victoria Themins says:

He’s one of my favorite comedians :)

Corina Marez says:

He embraces his fluffiness.

Whitney says:

I love that he usually keeps his comedy clean, but I also love his impersonation of his son! He’s hilarious!

Sarah M says:

I’m bummed I heard about this show too late to buy tickets. Would have been awesome to see!

Brett says:

Cuz when he farts — it smells like “TACOS”

Chris says:

Funny guy!!!!!!

Christopher says:


Pamela Lozano says:

I love Gabriel he’s a good comedian, down to earth guy,doesn’t let his fame take over his great personality. Love him to death….and he’s so adorable

George says:

Fluffy me love you long time.

Tony says:

Gabriel is one funny guy! Would love to see him.

Tony says:

Gabriel is one funny guy! Would love to see him.

Kathy says:

Why? Because he is awesome! My sides hurt every time I hear his stand up.

Christina says:

He’s the best fluffiest comedian around , makes you laugh so hard you just about pee your pants.

Patricia Torres says:

Fluffy is the new skinny.

itavili says:

I only seen grabiel iglesis on you tube and he is funny it would be nice to see him in fresno and have a good laugh sand night..I really would like to go :)

Jorge Lopez says:

He is the funniest comedian that I have ever seen.

P Fitzgerald says:

Because FLUFFLY is HOT

Reggie says:

I would like to use his joke on him and give him a racist gift basket lol Make it with tortillas, jalepenos, menudo, tamales, grapes, a ricky martin cd, and other stuff lol

Doris Trujillo says:

Love the fluffy guy. It would be great to surprise my sister with this great birthday gift. We could both use a good laugh and take a break from work.

Bernice says:

I love the fluffy fella!! He keeps it real, & the voices he does are hilarious! My cousin just had the chance to see him live a couple weeks ago in Reno, NV & I would LOVE the chance to see him here in Fresno too!! : D

johnnymgl16 says:

i love the fluffy guy!!! i hope i win the tikcets!

Brenda Topete says:

I love the fluffy lil fella!! I would be stoked at the chance to see him LIVE!

Raul says:

Are you kidding me? I love Gabriel Iglesias! I would watch reruns of his comedy special from Bakersfield all the time. The guy is hilarious! Sadly I haven’t had the chance to see any of his performances in the past, but to have an opportunity to win tickets to his upcoming show is great! Hope I get picked! PS. I LOVE chocolate cake too!!!

Brian Martinez says:

He has a great story about pranking a fellow comedian at a Fresno hotel. Anyone remember?

Sherry Lopez says:

Choose me because Gabriel had me at chocolate cake……observant, respectable, and a very talented comedian. Things have been crazy for the past several years and this would be a great way to start this year off with a whole new perspective.

Amanda says:

We all need a little dose of funny to start the new year.

Janice M says:

I love him because he’s comin to Fresno! And that’s pretty rad. I can dig it

Joseph Verduzco says:

Love Gabriel Iglesias because he was featured on my favorite comedy show years ago Que Locos hosted by George Lopez! Loved him on Nickelodeon also!

ZDO says:

I’m Fluffy too!

Sandra says:

I just love him he’s sooooo funny!!!

Sandra says:

Funny and fluffy

luis solis says:

I would love to watch Gabriel live. We have several things in common including liking chocolate..cake lol

Leland Rueb says:

I know I’m late for this chance to win. That’s okay, I already bought tickets for Sioux City in March. I think Gabriel is great, but I’m not one for going to see shows of any kind. I’m taking my son, Jerry. He’s 19, 5’7″ and about 115 lbs. I raised him alone after he was diagnosed with diabetes at age 2 1/2. He finally got to meet his mom and get to know her a little after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He got his mom back for his 17th Birthday. She lived with us for two months and was gone. After I bought tickets, Jerry said that giving Fluffy Guy a hug was on his bucket list. The show is March 1. The tickets were a Christmas present. Jerry’s birthday is March 17. A “hug” would be a great birthday present. Any chances of winning that?