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Tonight: Jazz Hop keeps growing


Seems like this Jazz Hop thing is catching on. Jazz Hop, for the uninitiated, is a jazz version of ArtHop, where numerous venues have live jazz bands and people are allowed to freely hop from venue to venue. It runs concurrent with ArtHop.

This month’s Jazz Hop has 19 venues, ranging from Landmark and Revue (which is the main Jazz Hop hub) to Fulton 55 and Iron Bird Lofts. This month, you can even catch some jazz at the Fresno Water Tower. Full map and schedule below.


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Responses to "Tonight: Jazz Hop keeps growing"

Alisa says:

Plug for my dad’s group tonight at Arte Americas: Tony Manjarrez Latin jazz! They’ll play from around 6:45 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. ;-)