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‘Finally something to listen to in the morning in Fresno’


Surely rock radio listeners remember when 105.1 The Blaze fired popular morning show host Jen Lipp in November — judging from the comments that are still coming our way, people remain pissed.

Well today, The Blaze introduced Lipp’s replacement, and not only that, but the new show has a liner that says, “Finally something to listen to in the morning in Fresno.” How’s that for a pot-stirrer? You have to imagine that’s going to make the Jen Lipp loyalists mad all over again.

The new show? The RAD Show — that stands for Rob, Arnie and Dawn — which originates in Sacramento, and is apparently quite popular there and in Reno, where it’s been on the air for a long time too.

The Blaze’s general manager Kevin O’Rorke says of the addition:

“Radio in Fresno and the Central San Joaquin Valley just got a lot more compelling. The addition of Rob, Arnie and Dawn to mornings on 105.1 The Blaze allows us to bring our audience a very entertaining, controversial and engaging show that fits perfectly with our Classic Rock that REALLY Rocks format the rest of the day. Expect to laugh, be enlightened, enraged and then laugh some more.”

Any early reviews, other than this one?

IN JEN LIPP NEWS: Lipp fans will be happy to hear that she’s landed a few fill-in gigs on KMJ’s 105.9 FM station (or, KMJr, as I like to call it). She’s sitting in for ex-KRZR cohort Chris Daniel this week, Wednesday-Friday from 1-3 p.m. We have to wonder if she’ll be doing “Freaks of the Iowa Caucus” or some such thing.


SPEAKING OF MORNING SHOWS: The other big local morning show departure in the end of 2011 was Davey D from Q97. He went to Vegas for a new gig, and left lots of bummed out fans. Q97 has found his replacement in CK — not to be confused with another former Q97 morning DJ, PK. The new show — still with former Davey D sidekicks Producer Art and Vanessa J — has been on the air for a few weeks now.

Responses to "‘Finally something to listen to in the morning in Fresno’"

Matt says:

I listened for about 5 minutes this morning, and it’s pretty bad. I think I’ll stick with KNBR, Fresno morning radio is a wasteland.

CW says:

I was no fan of the old morning show but this one REALLY sucks. Oh boy…. Sarcastic a**holes. Plus all they do is talk crap about the new market they are in. Hate listening to them when I am up north so why would I want to at home?

RL says:

I had no idea how bad local FM music stations had become until I bought a car with Sirius. If this is our new “buy local” I’m buying Sirius.

Sal the Stockbroker says:

My friend, I’ve had Sirius for 5 years, and there’s been no looking back.

Sly says:

What happened to Koyote on 102.7 ? He was originally on KRZR, then he moved to the country station…now I’m not sure where he is?

Mike Oz says:

He’s on 95.7 The Fox now.

JJJJ says:

Why am I the only person that prefers music in the morning? I don’t like waking up, why do I want to listen to people complain about stuff?

I am with JJJJ says:

Music is the only thing I want to listen to in the morning. Certainly not people ranting about s**t they don’t even know anything about.

You got that right Mr.Governale, you get what you pay for, so why expect good entertainment for free.

Richard Christy's Dad says:

Dixion try telling that to Christine Governale! She doesnt expect anything good for free; she goes out and makes sure Sal’s good money is spent on the finest things!! LoL.

UGH! says:

I am totally with you guys!
Just play some music and SHUT UP. I get to hear idiots talk the rest of the day. I don’t need to hear it on my way to work.

And is this really their promo picture? Ugh! That suit! That Texas gear! Why on earth would I want to listen to Mr. Longhorn and the Used-Car Salesman????

CferMADness says:

Dawn is over boistrous and obnoxious. She needs to shut the hell up sometimes and take a deep breath! (Try to be less mouth and more ears sweetie, you might learn something.)