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The 2011 year-end music survey


I know some blogs do their year-end music lists as soon as the calendar flips to December. I like to let the music soak up as much as possible before putting together a year-end list. How else are you going to fully appreciate that Black Keys album that recently came out, right?

For The Bee’s best and worst music list, I gathered a panel of local tastemakers — DJs, promoters, radio personalities, bloggers, etc. — and asked them to pick their top 10 songs of the year plus answer a few other questions about what they loved/hated in 2011 (see the grid below for answers).

To help you digest, the 10 top 10 lists I’ve created an accompanying Spotify playlist that has about 85% of what’s listed. (Some is pretty obscure).

Now it’s your turn to play along.

  • Top 10 songs of 2011?
  • Favorite album of the year?
  • Most disappointing album?
  • Favorite artist?
  • Artist you’re “over” after this year?
  • Favorite music discovery?
  • Non-2011 song you played like it was brand new?
  • Most annoying song?
  • Artist to watch in 2012?


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Responses to "The 2011 year-end music survey"

Stephen says:

Spotify playlist is not working for me.

Stephen says:

Using Firefox, just ends up at the Spotify web site with the error “Uh-oh! An error occurred”

Mike Oz says:

OK. Thanks. Working on it.

Mike Oz says:

Hmmm. I can’t figure it out.

A few options for anybody having trouble accessing the playlist:

You can visit my Spotify account and find it there.

Here’s the direct link to the playlist:

There’s a link on my Facebook page:

Hope that works until I figure out another solution.

Famous says:

Favorite album: “True Love Cast Out All Evil,” Roky Erickson

Most disappointing album: I am easy to please, I guess … so …

Favorite artist: GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES!

Artist I am over this year: I got nothing.

Favorite music discovery: Local stuff (Wearbear, Dale Stewart, Populus, Born Loser, Kinship, etc.).

Non-2011 song I played like it was brand-new: “Little Star,” by the Elegants

Most annoying song: That crappy-ass Bob Seger cover I’ve heard on the radio lately.

Artist to watch 2012: The Airborne Toxic Event??

Mike B says:

Favorite Album: The Black Keys – El Camino

Most Disappointing Album: RHCP -I’m with You

Favorite Artist: Fleet Foxes

Artist I’m Over: the Decemberists

Favorite Music discovery: Lykke Li

Non-2011 song played like brand new: Johnny Cash’s cover of Springsteen’s: Further Up the Road

Most annoying song: Moves like Jagger or ANYTHING with Autotune.

Artist to Watch 2012: Florence + the Machine

G. Hernandez says:

Favorite Album: M83 – Hurry up, We’re Dreaming

Most Disappointing Album: Drake – Take Care

Favorite Artist: James Blake

Artist I’m Over: Adele

Favorite Music discovery: The Weeknd

Non-2011 song played like brand new: Nate Dog (Feat. Warren G) – Noboby Does it Better

Most annoying song: Lil Wayne – How to Love

Artist to Watch 2012: War on Drugs

Dalri says:

Destroyer’s Kaputt was easily the best album this year, followed by Kurt Vile’s Smoke Ring for my Halo and Hova and Yeezy’s Watch the Throne. Bon Iver was mega overrated, btw.

Stephen says:

This direct link is working now.