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2011: The Beehive Year in Review


Another year in the books, another year of blogging here at The Beehive.

So, as is customary in our annual “Year in Review,” you’ll find below our most viewed and most commented posts of the year, our most popular recurring features, which contests you tried most feverishly to win and who our most frequent commenters were.

We thank you all for clicking, reading, commenting, sharing and so on. Here’s to a nice 2012 for everyone out there — even you trolls.

# of posts: 1,943 | # of comments: 13,813

1. Grammys 2011: The Live Blog (131)
2. Iron Bird Cafe: It’s not all good in the ‘hood (86)
3. Iron Bird Cafe closing its doors on Sunday (76)
4. Your first look at ‘Showboys’ (73)
5. What’s the best taco truck in the Valley? (61)
6. Bye-bye, mural (61)
7. Caption This: Ray Appleton edition (60)
8. Beehive Birthday VI: Photos & Thanks (59)
9. What Fresno food spots are worthy of ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives?’ (57)
10. Talking points: an atheist billboard (57)
11. The Blaze pulls the plug on Jen Lipp (54)
12. Guess the Celeb! Skinny Can edition (50)
13. Ryan Beatty: The Valley’s Justin Bieber? (49)
14. Caption This: Scribble No. 69 (48)
15. No, I will not ‘Get Motivated.’ Sorry, Joe Montana and Rudy Giuliani (45)

1. Ryan Beatty: The Valley’s Justin Bieber?
2. Iron Bird Cafe closing its doors on Sunday
3. Concert News: Big Fresno Fair 2011
4. So about that Snoop Dogg show …
5. Ray Appleton returns to local airwaves
6. Free Buffalo Wild Wings for a year? Who’s lining up?
7. What’s the best taco truck in the Valley?
8. Twist: Another one bites the dust
9. Beyoncé and the deflating belly
10. ‘The View’ will present Amber Frey update
11. The Blaze pulls the plug on Jen Lipp
12. Bye-bye, mural
13. Coming soon to Fresno: Yard House
14. Dusty Buns Bistro Bus vs. the City of Fresno
15. What did you think of Club Rome?

**Note: Though not from 2011, the most-viewed post on the site was 2009′s Celebrities with messed up ink — Thanks, Google.

1. A day in the life
2. Five Things You Should Do This Weekend
3. WTF Moment of the Day
4. Donald’s weekend picks
5. Did They Just Say Fresno?

1. Win tickets to see ‘Deathly Hallows Part 2′ (1089)
2. Win tickets to see Michael Bublé (616)
3. Win tickets to see ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ (427)
4. Win tickets to see Bill Maher (292)
5. Win Big Fresno Fair concert tickets (218)
6. Win tickets to see Keith Urban (202)
7. You can win tickets to see ‘Rango’ (190)
8. Win tickets to see George Lopez (144)
9. Win tickets to see comedian Jo Koy (140)
10. Win tickets to see ‘Thor’ (103)

Some usual faces on the list, and some new ones. Thanks to everybody who comments on the site — whether you’re a Top 10′er or just left 10 comments.

1. Stephen
2. mdub420
3. pk
4. travis sheridan
5. Claire L.
6. Michael
7. ray arthur
8. kiel
9. Chase Sanborn
10. Christy

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Responses to "2011: The Beehive Year in Review"

Mike Oz says:

Footnote: I would not be mad if anybody adopted Big Bird Appleton or Appleton Bieber as a handle.

Kiel says:

I made the list.

FresNOOOOOoooooooo! says:

Sooo……. Apparently blogging about Ray Appleton is good for viewership? :(

loki says:

My comment in the Iron Bird Cafe thread should have been included since it was later used as a headline for a later beehive article. Something along the lines of “THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS,” which also just generally applies to Fresno in general.

ClaireL says:

Oh…my summer months off are right up there for all to get see! We all know where to find me come June *smooch* love you ‘Hivers

ed says:

i didn’t make the list. sad face by me.

bradley says:

what the graphic up there made by someone or auto generated.

i ask because it looks nice.

Mike Oz says:

It’s a Wordle … so auto-generated. But this year I made full use of all the different options they give you that I totally overlooked in the past.

MsJoey says:

I feel like a failure.
I didn’t make the list this year.
Last year I was top commenter.
I’m slacking.