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2011 Rewind: Favorite controversy?

What got you all worked up in 2011?

We’re ending our 2011 Rewind on a note that Beehive readers love. Controversy, we live for it. So which was your favorite of 2011? It could be something that caused a fuss locally or it could be Kardashian related on the national scale. Either way, go for it. Check out our picks and leave your own in the comments.

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MIKE OZ: I’ve said before and I still believe it today: Fresno’s big revolt against Pat Hill was like our own local reality show. Ultimately, Hill got peaced out as Fresno State football coach — but not without a huge helping of debate, opinion and, of course, controversy. If nothing else, it was fun to watch unfold.


DONALD: For this post I considered a couple of controversies, including the extended back and forth about the Civil War reenactment at Kearney Park, the Tower District mural controversy and the debate over an atheist billboard, but I selfishly decided to go much more personal in scope. I got a kick out of when “Nunsense” creator Dan Goggin chided me in a letter about my review of “Nunsensations.” I was surprised to find out this nationally known playwright reads the Beehive — there’s the power of Google for you. Though I didn’t agree with his take, obviously, I’m always glad when one of my reviews gets people talking and debating the merits of a show.


KATHY: Fresno taking second place in the Walmart hunger campaign. The whole campaign was a rollercoaster of emotions. On one hand it was inspiring to see Fresnans get so excited and work as a team for a cause. But it also brought out a lot of bad mojo with allegations of cheating and name calling. Despite it all, at least Fresno started out 2011 with a bit of a boost for the agencies who the hungry.


HEATHER: “51-year old actor marries 16-year old child bride.” What more is there to say? It was sensational, it was icky, it was oddly fascinating. From the inappropriate public photo ops to the televised breast X-ray to the car wreck-like Twitter updates, people just couldn’t stop paying attention to Courtney Stodden. Which, of course, is exactly what she wanted.

Responses to "2011 Rewind: Favorite controversy?"

b2burns says:

The Civil War Re-Enactment issue simply revealed a misguided FSU history faculty member. But the Hill termination, High Speed Rail boondoggle, and public unions wishing to keep their spoils while taxpayers take cuts but must work harder to afford these bureaucrats dominated the headlines.

sarah chrisco says:

i like the new movie twilight breaking down part 1 that was great

sarah chrisco says:

when pat hill got fired .