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When Steve Aoki met Steve Aoki

This is silly, but totally amusing to me: There’s an event manager at Save Mart Center named Steve Aoki, so when star DJ Steve Aoki came to Fresno to perform last weekend, Fresno’s Aoki wanted to meet his famous name-twin.

An item on his bucket list, our Aoki (left) called it. Steve Aoki squared, I’m calling it.




Here’s a crowd shot from the show that I just thought was cool:


[Photos via Steve Aoki's -- the famous one -- Facebook page]

Responses to "When Steve Aoki met Steve Aoki"

Stephen says:


I don’t get it.

$30-$40, 4500 screaming fans. I mean, I get the desire to sweat and dance and groove and rave and all that young folk stuff, but $30-$40?

In all my years at Starline, I DO get that there are better DJs than others, and I suppose I get that Steve Aoki remixed a bunch of songs, but…

$30-$40 for what essentially could amount to a guy hitting the space bar on his laptop?

I’m old. I just don’t get it.

Ed_Word says:

Hey, cool post old Guy.

rick says:

I have worked with,or around Fresno’s Steve Aoki for 10 years. Fresno Steve is a great person, DJ Steve seems cool too…Glad to see they met…

pk says:

Wow! a good CDL pic! Amazing!

jaurique says:

does anyone know what the turnout was? also what the hell are those guys in the front right doing without shirts?