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‘The Daily Show’ … in Fresno?!?

In a recent “Daily Show” piece about California’s direct democracy woes, it looks like “reporter” John Oliver is hanging in Fresno. Astute “Daily Show” viewers might have noticed the Target at the end of the clip looks a lot like the Target at River Park. And, in fact, the address visible on the building matches the address of said Target.

Hard to say for 100% certainty it’s a Daily Show/Fresno collabo, but I’m willing to claim it as a DTJSF moment — even if the F-word isn’t uttered. Note: While the Target scene is at the end piece, the whole thing is probably worth your five minutes based solely on our state’s foul-mouthed Democratic chairman.

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California’s Direct Democracy Troubles
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Responses to "‘The Daily Show’ … in Fresno?!?"

Carlos Perez says:

Nice. Would this count as a ‘Did They Just Say Fresno… Sorta?’ moment? ha!

Carlos Perez says:

Scratch my last stupid comment — I realized it’s in the “DTJSF” category! hahaha It’s almost 5 p.m. My brain is spent!

Steve says:

Stay classy, John Burton!

jahnavaadams says:

Hm. Pretty sure I know the blonde too.

c.m. says:

Yes that is Target in riverpark. I work at thst location. My boss facebooked it in October.

JJJJ says:

Makes no sense theyd come to Fresno for a tiny bit at target, when many Targets had the same signing thing going on in the entire state.

Perhaps they came for another Fresno specific piece thats yet to air, and filmed them both while here?

Stephen says:

Daily Show has been in Fresno before (too lazy to search out the clip – Ray Arthur probably knows when).

And I didn’t mind the foul mouth on the guy since he seemed to make sense with what he was saying – even if he did make the California Dems look like hicks.