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Ear Candy: The Black Keys

The Black Keys have a new album out today. It’s titled “El Camino” and it’s another solid effort — though, should we expect anything less at this point?

While watching the band on “SNL” the other night, I started to think its blues-meets-classic rock style could be ready for big breakout success. The Black Keys are touring arenas now and getting a lot more mainstream attention. They’re one of those bands whose sound is accessible to everyone from hipsters to my dad. Plus the music is good. So it’s a bit of that killer combo that Adele was able to put together this year.

While we wait to see how that plays out, enjoy a couple of my favorite cuts from “El Camino.”

Responses to "Ear Candy: The Black Keys"

eric field says:

…Adele AND Black Keys together? … ohhhhmannnn.