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Five things we’re likely to see happen in the post-Pat Hill era


Well, Fresno State shaved its famous fu manchu. Pat Hill — in a move that was only surprisingly in how quickly it happened after season’s end — was fired as Bulldog football coach on Sunday, ending a sometimes tumultuous relationship with the program and its fans that lasted 15 years.

On Sunday, athletic director Thomas Boeh said: “We’ve been evaluating data after each season for the last several years, and we saw a trend that was not reflective of us being able to pursue the goal of a conference championship, and our community was not responding any longer to the record that we had.”

In a press conference this morning, Hill said, among other things: “I feel that I gave it my best shot for 15 years, it wasn’t good enough. I hope the next man can come in and take you all where you want to go … So as I say goodbye, I thank you for everything. I think the Fresno State football program is in a great position to make a run. … Thank you for everything you gave me. Goodbye, Fresno.”

As the Pat Hill era comes to a close, we at The Beehive have identified five very important things that are likely to see happen in the post-Pat Hill era at Fresno State.

5. Fresno State makes a big splash with a new coaching hire. There are a lot of “homer” picks circulating from fans — Tim McDonald, really?!? If they want a high-school coach, I started a Twitter campaign yesterday to hire the illustrious coach Eric Taylor. If they can’t nab him, here’s my short-list of awesome hires that would surely re-energize the fanbase.

4. Beer sales begin again at Bulldog Stadium. Hey, if this is so much about money, selling beer again will lead to: (1) better attendance (2) more revenue (3) more post-game hijinks. The school could even started selling Bulldog-branded screwdrivers for some extra coin.

3. Fresno State starts selling personal seat licenses to students in the spring to raise the funds needed to buy out Hill’s contract. Without a personal seat license, students will not be permitted to sit during their classes.

2. In a show of solidarity and a remembrance to their old coach, the entire 2012 Bulldog squad grows Fu Manchus that they dye red on gamedays.

1. Six months from today, citing a lack of viable candidates, Fresno State hires Hill back as its coach — with a $10,000 raise.

[photo: Eric Paul Zamora / The Fresno Bee]

Responses to "Five things we’re likely to see happen in the post-Pat Hill era"

barkley says:

I like #1 haha

pk says:

Yes….beer me!
It’s what made the Cal game bearable!

daddy dan says:

I like number one, too. It’s the Fresno way!

Deborah says:

The lack of beer at games had nothing to do with Pat Hill and there will still be no beer sold at games after he leaves.
You can thank the NCAA, they ruled that no alcohol could be sold by the college at a college game.
There’s still alcohol in the Savemart Center because the building’s not owned by Fresno State.
Just clearing that up.

Mike Oz says:

It’s a CSU rule, actually.
And I still contend the odds of them serving beer next year are as good as them hiring a fictional character to be coach.