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The Blaze pulls the plug on Jen Lipp


Local radio vet Jen Lipp’s morning show was extinguished by 105.1 The Blaze this morning. marking another change for local morning radio and another popular jock leaving the airwaves.

Word spread this morning about The Blaze’s decision. For her part, Lipp sent me the following:

The only thing I really want to say is that the people in the central valley are amazing. The outpouring of love and support from people who have already shared so much of their lives with me is incredible. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I hope Fresno radio has room for me once again, but until then, rock on!

Most local listeners remember Lipp from her days on KRZR – and the timing, at least here on The Beehive, seems unfortunate since we just posted yesterday about the upcoming documentary about KRZR’s rise and demise.

Responses to "The Blaze pulls the plug on Jen Lipp"

Wow the Fake Robin Quivers outta of another job big shocker.

Brandy says:


ThatOneAllycat says:

Jen is the reason most people tuned in. Huge mistake on the Blaze.

Tracy says:

Dixion you are entitled to your opinion because they are like As@holes and everyone has one but we feel the exact opposite and my family is devastated …I will miss daily Freaks i will miss everyone calling in with the crazy stories and seeing Jen so dedicated to Fresno State and helping others and her side kick Kris who made me laugh …they had a chemistry …We will miss Monday night Football with her & and the concerts at the Starline…. A person said it better earlier on the blaze page ..Jen and Kris were the Blaze and the reason I supported everyone else there…as far as i am concerned this radio station let the wrong people go… tomorrow mornings will NEVER be the same …..

Rick Roddam says:

Having worked with Jen for over 10 years, I can honestly say that she’s one of the hardest working, most talented personalities I’ve ever seen. And the balls on that philly…huge. Some people might come on this page and talk smack, but here’s a FACT: In the 6 different perceptual research projects I have been a part of in Fresno, Jen Lipp was ALWAYS the top testing talent. No BS. When we started the Blaze back in ’08, nobody thought we had a chance to last. Now, the Blaze is the top rated rock station in the market and that’s because of two reasons: 1. Jen Lipp busting her ass to spread the word and 2. KRZR going away. My hunch is the Blaze will pipe in Rob, Arnie and Dawn from Sacramento and their ratings will go back in the toilet.

JLH says:

I echo Roddam’s sentiments.

Whatever you feel about Jen you can not deny her long standing success and ability to ‘stay in the game’.

To be a radio personality with a following for 20 years (at this point) is amazing/outstanding.

KKBZ was doomed the minute they dumped Roddam in August of last year.

I was proud to be a part of it for the time that I was…now I just want to see it all go away.

Mike Oz says:

Looks like some folks on Facebook are trying to organize a “boycot” of The Blaze.

JLH says:

There are a LOT of people encouraging the ‘dumping’ of the Blaze Page……

No boycott will be necessary though. WIthout Jen there few remaining listeners are gonna go the way of the dinosaur…..

I predict that building on Olive Avenue will be the home of the largest Spanish radio cluster in one place ever within another year or so…


CW says:

I hate to see anyone lose a job even though I personally was never a fan. Others were fans and I get that. How about no typical ameteurish morning stuff and just play some music though? Listening to the same worn out shtick of “weird news” just gets old in my opinion. It’s the same crap in every city.

Lynda says:

Yet another piss poor decision by the higher up trying to save a buck. I travel constantly up and down the valley and these guys kept me laughing the whole time. Bad move bosses

Matt says:

Fresno radio is dead to me. Dead.

Carolyn says:

Really Dixon? You evidently know nothing about Jen Lipp to even make that kind of comment. She has her own style, and radio personality that goes way beyond any has been side kick, who is paid to laugh at a moron who has no concept of reality, or censorship to his own over inflated ego. Jen is a Top Lead Radio Show HOST, not a side show act like Quivers. Who pee’d in your cornflakes this morning to make such a rude comment about a well loved and top favorite local radio personality? Didn’t your momma love you enough to teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then shut the hell up! There’s some love for ya you idjit.

Dana says:

i will never listen to the blaze again… Jen Lipp and freak news was THE BEST morning show out there.. time to find a new radio station

Sure washed up , that’s y Howard get paid $ and all these so called big talent Radio people are outta of jobs. If Howard gets $100 mill a year what do you think the most copied personality in radio gets, check every morning show and wonder why they always have a female sidekick or a woman read the news. Trust me Jenn Lipp and every local radio person can only wish to make Robin type scratch. Baba Booey to you Carolyn

Jenn B says:

Jen Lipp is an amazing woman, radio personality, and friend. She works her butt off, and worked weekends, holidays, even sick. The morning was brighter because she made us laugh (and sometimes cringe–Freaks anyone?), she and Rick made that station, then they let Rick go, and she kept the station afloat. She is that damned good at what she does. Understand this, she has a fan base that is HUGE, they will follow her wherever she goes…meanwhile this station will be quickly forgotten.

matthew reade o'donnell says:

Sad to hear. You will be missed Jen, hopefully not for long though. Dixon: go suck two d!cks. I really don’t get the whole stern thing, and to be a fanboy? Pathetic.

im2fknkrz4u says:

Jen and crystal ball where the reason why I woke up the morning.. I used to love coming to work early, now I want to quit.. Thx blaze.. just deleted you from my presets..

Rod says:

Dixon loves Howard Stern because of the “Shock Jock” effect it has on his miniscule brain, it makes him happy and it makes Howard happy all the way to the bank with Lil Dix’s cash. Jen Lipp is a true talent and I will wait & see where she lands next and listen. Kris gets a bunch of respect as well, he’s a funny guy but has a second now first job. Rick Roddam, whats up my friend!! Where are you vocalizing your talent these days? Deja Vu all over again huh? Hey Dixon! Go back to your pay as you dribble satellite radio…Later Blaze lol, sorry for the DJ’s that remain there…JUMP SHIP!!!

Tracy Dearsan says:

Like her or not, Jen Lipp was never boring. Big mistake, Blaze. Peruse her FB page; nothing but love and support. Don’t count her out, my money is on Ms. Lipp finding (or creating) something to rock our socks, again.

Al says:

I only turn on the blaze to hear lipp’s freaks, she is a vet of rock. The blaze is going to suck now. Lipp was the only one there WORTH tuneing in for.

The rest of the Blaze crew Are not worth Tuneing in on.

Brian says:

Smooth move Blaze, can your best talent. Worked out great for KRZR…

Chris says:

Another move by corporate radio to remove any sense of the local human flavor.

laura splotch says:

i am shocked and appalled by the so-called management at the station that shall remain nameless…how is that a good move to fire a working mother right before x-mas?!? the backlash from jen and kris being let go will finally put an end to that “classic” rock station…i never really trusted a classic rock station that didn’t play the beatles any ways! make way for another mexi-music marathon…just like they did to the other stations in their corral.

Scott Martin says:

This sucks! To all the Blaze management that made this crappy decision- you SUCK! I can’t wait to hear of the demise of 105.1, and all the management that made this ill-advised decision can point their finger back at themselves. Jen, I can’t wait to hear you back on the air again. You will be missed. Hopefully it won’t take so long to get you back. In the mean time-Skippy and “The Morning After” here I come. So long Blaze.

Wonko says:

I now have NO reason to listen to the Blaze. Jenn if you read this THANK YOU for giving fresno market another chance. I truly hope because of this you move on to become something bigger elsewhere and that the fresno radio stations have to come to you hat in hand to pipe you thru our speakers once again.

- Ex-The wild hair / The Blaze listener

Warren Wilder says:

Robin Quivers is a foil for Howard Stern. Jen Lipp is nobodies foil

Mike says:

Jen was the ONLY reason I would listen to the Blaze. I would tune in to hear HER while driving home from working all night. I can now use that button on my radio for sumpin’ else!

al_bondigas says:

Flood the inbox of their GM: Let your voice be heard

al_bondigas says:

Here’s the station GM’s FB:
Wish him a merry X-MASS and let him know how you feel.

al_bondigas says:
Lots of people letting the Blaze have it on their FB page as well.

JR says:

Me and my boys will miss the morning freaks. we shared a laugh everyday when i drove them to school, now we are sad and there is no laughing to start our day. Good bye jen and hope to hear you again on a diffrent station. we are done with the Blaze.

rob says:

blaze sux…….HAIL THE LIPP!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian says:

the blaze wont let me post on their wall because i posted we miss you jen

rick says:

I tried to listen to the blaze the last 3 mornings. I cant do it any longer, so long blaze you messed up big time. I hope a true Fresno Airwave Favorite comes back to us some time soon. I think the Kinks did a great song about Jen and all the other fine people that have been let go from their fans. I will listen for Jen! I will NOT listen to the blaze any more…!

Vic Moreno says:

Jen Lipp rocked. Now the Blaze sucks. Bad move! No more radio, back to the iPod…

~B~ says:

I have been a blaze follower since day one. I loved my mornings at work with Lipp on the radio. The Blaze has made one HUGE mistake. i dont think they realize how many ppl in this valley tuned into the station just to hear the Freak News. I for one will no longer be tuned into THE BLAZE. All good things come to an end I guess. Join KRZR in the rock station hall of shame!

Ed the Awkward Moment says:

Well I want to thank the Blaze for giving me a reason to dust off my iPod. Now that Jen and Kris are gone, NO reason to support your station any longer….I forgot how many great songs were on this iPod!!

Chach says:

This decision was complete and total garbage! GARBAGE!! Jenn and Kris did a fantastic job and they kept all of us laughing our a$$es off every morning while we were either on our way or already in hell! The Blaze went from my number 1 preset channel to no longer being listened to PERIOD! Big fricken mistake. The Blaze sucks now without them and Rick!

Coach JR says:

Morning show sucks now and the new guy sucks too and is as boring as Mr. Rogers! Not going to listen to this station anymore. Why fix something when it ain’t broken.

MArk says:

Been following Jen lipp since the krzr days when they let her go I was bummed and now to hear thAt Jens gone through another episode of that type again it sadens
Me a lot I hope you the best of luck Jen and where ever you go do forgive your Fresno listeners as we will always remember you. Without you radio will be dead to me as no one will ever match your greatness

Frank the BEAR GUY says:

I will never listen to those ASS **** 1051 again JEN where ever you land lets me no i will listen to what ever you play rock country jazz BLUES even rap you made going to work at 4 in the morning fun my wife and i will miss you .any time you are in visalia you are welcome at my home LUV FRANK TH BEAR GUY

Jeff Hunnybunny Wise says:

you guys are awesome, jen has started a New Jennifer Lipp fan page, on Facebook, so she can stay in touch with you!! Merry Christmas!!!!

rick says:

Thank you for sharing your beloved spouse with Fresno rockers. You sir are just as awesome as the Woman you love. Going to work at 4 am sucks now, you are lucky, you still have that friendly voice, to tell you good morning. I wish you and the whole family the best…

Jeff Hunnybunny Wise says:

Rick…I am not worthy, but truly thank you for the kind words!!! Cheers and thank you!!!

paul says:


jacob says:

ain’t that the truth, with no good rock station anymore and all the crappy hip hop stations Fresno radio died. Unless lipp comes back… to some station! Any station…. I would listen

Jeff Hunnybunny Wise says:

@ Jacob…when and if she does go back on the air, we promise to let the listeners know…because without the listeners, radio is nothing!!! Here is to a Better 2012!!! Cheers

Carolyn says:

Dixon: I never said he was washed up, you did dumb ass. Just because Robin makes that kind of “scratch” dosen’t mean she is any more liked, or listened to than him in Fresno. Jen is well loved and we want to listen to her here in Fresno! Check the ratings bonehead. She was above him across the board. Fresnans want her back on the air! She is OUR local girl! Why are you even making comments about someone you evidently don’t listen to. You sound like a typical Stern fan. Your mentality and comments speak for themself on the basis that you have no class. Bite me Baba Booye Boy. Go tell your momma to give you a hug and show you some much needed love.

Ed the Awkward Moment says:

Happy birthday to a valley Icon, and fantastic person in general…..Jennifer Lipp !

dan the man says:

the blaze really screwed up. jen lip was the blaze . she helped me through my crazy mornings with my kids. we used to love listening to the freaks and enjoying the whole show. what the hell are you guys thinking? my mornings will never be the same. management….please bring back jenn lipp.i really miss her whole morning show . i don’t even listen to the blaze in the mjorning anymore. i am very very saddened.

kazuya says:

I was stationed at NAS Lemoore until end of May this year and used to listen to Jen Lipp on my way to work everyday. Since then I’ve retired from the navy and now live in central Oregon. I was searching online this weekend for the 105.1 BLAZE URL so I can listen to her on the internet. Unfortunately, since they pulled the plug on her show, it’s pointless for me to bother listening to the Blaze.

Mrs,P says:

Jenn, I will miss listening to your freaks on my way to work :-( 105.1 THE BLAZE go F*** YOUR selfs!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare you let go of such a grate radio personality? Big mistake…..

Debra Fauvor says:

Blaze, you suck, even more than the toad that you replaced her with.

Mintness1 says:

I really hope that the corporate office saved alot of money by letting Jen and Kris go because they are going to need it as they watch the remains of this show go down the toilet. Obviously corporate doesn’t care about the people in this area because if they did they would know that Jen Lipp, Mr. Bunny and Kris are (not were) the heart of the daily listeners. You could go to work and say , Hey did you hear the Freak of the week with your coworkers and everyone felt better. Isn’t that what radio is supposed to do, make people feel better. Thanks again for reinforcing that the corporate office doesn’t give a sh-t about it’s listeners, guess what, they aren’t listening! Guess what? Neither are we! Better get that second job corporate- you are going to need it, you just proved you were a bad investment. Hang in there Jen, Mr. Bunny, Baby bunny, and Kris. Prayers are with you and we will be there when you land. In the meantime, I agree, where’s my IPOD?

Rusty says:

Jen and Kris really were the only reason to listen to 105.1. Sorry, Linkin Park, Rob Zombie, NIN, etc., are not classic rock. They may be good music, but they’re just not classic rock.

Give me Beatles, Stones, Sabbath, Zeppelin, The Doors, and the real classic rock. Are there any good classic rock stations in the Fresno area?

Dylan krumnm says:

The Blaze is going down the towlet now that the got rid og the lipp. whithout her the station is garbage now and now they are haveing a new talkshow on the time slot and it is $hit hate the Blaze get her back!!!!!!

doug crouch says:

I grew up listening to fresno rock and roll! I’m soon to be 59 years old and still rocking out! I was growing very tired of the bob and tom show on that OTHER rock station, when you guys came on the scene!yeah, bang your head rock and roll is back!then, you had to go and ruin the morning with blah, blah and blah!!!!! that’s why i left that other station!! no one, that i know, wants to listen to psychobable, when they should be hearing ROCK AND ROLL,BABY!!!!!!PLEASE GET RID OF TRES’ BOOBS IN THE MORNING!!!!!

nick says:

i stopped listening when the sataion went away from the classic and introed modern trash rock. i did not even know that jen(the only reason i ever tuned at that time in morning) was fired.. teh new morning show is more crap chat radio and the station now has no redeeming value. dump the rob zombie,beastie boys, and the other non-classic rock and i will be back. i got hundreds to listen as i worked on a dock and spread the news of the great station playing real clssic rock. now not one of those people listen after 9am in the morning. lotus you really missed the mark.

Michelle says:

New morning show sucks. I miss FREAK NEWS

Kim Ramirez says:

Ditto! I love Jen, she made my very early morning drive to work fun, LOL fun. She had personality, wit, intelligence, I don’t get it??? Crazy. I will certainly miss her freaks for sure…come back Jen we need you!!!

Jenn fan says:

I was about suicidal the morning I got in my car, cranked up the radio…and some dumbass was on! No Jen! No word of Jen! And then, some stupid threesome that makes Bob and Tom look like Einsteins came along, not even local.They actually made the comment on an early show “hey, I was in Fresno once, it isn’t so bad” AS IF!! They are depending on us Fresnans and people of the surrounding area for their JOB and they don’t even give a rip about us!….I echo most of the comments posted previously, that Jen and her morning show was sometimes a little “out there” for my taste, but she was real, she is local, and she was really, really funny. Like so many others commented, I was actually eager to make my half hour commute every morning, and absolutely timed my drive to listen in to some of my favorite features, like “freaks” or “hey, what?” or “name that narcotic.” I also LOVED that she made a point to mention her hubby and her kids… Now? I don’t even listen to the radio. Very few good stations, and I refuse to pay for satellite when it ALSO has commercials. My CD’s and iPod do fine, but they are a bit boring compared to Jen and her on-air antics that go along with the music.

B Avila says:

It’s been months now I miss my morning lipp, her incredible laugh was awesome. The show was awesome, and to be replaced by that crap show they have now, jeez, are they trying to save a buck? ya get what you pay for guys n gals. I check in now and then to see if they came back to there senses, looks like that won’t be anytime soon. Jenn Lipp we miss you. Till then it’s Bob n Tom which has it’s moments but not the same.

frank the bear guy says:

Well its been some time and no jen lip radio is so boreing now 105.1 is the worst rodio on the air .Jen my wife and i miss your show thank god for cds. If jen has found a new home on the air please leave a coment

Frank the Bear guy!!! Boy I miss your phone calls! I’ve been fortunate to be doing some fill in work at KMJ AM and FM over the past few months, but I’m also livecasting (and taking live phone calls) every night on the internet. I post the podcasts in case you can’t listen live on my website as well. If you get a chance, check out and if you get stuck, email me!! You’re so sweet to ask! Thanks :)

Mary Romero says:

Boy oh boy does this new morning show SUCKS!!!!
Miss you Jen Lipp! Thanks for posting your website so we can tune in to something you do!
Have a great day!!