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Obviously, I need to step up my parenting game

You know, being a new parent is hard enough without having to deal with the pressures of those *perfect* parents around you. Here I am trying to figure out how to keep my eight-month-old out of the dog’s water bowl, and I have people like Nate Smith and Emily Cleaver going around making me look like I’m not nearly as awesome as I could be.

Case in point, this is how Nate Smith teaches his son not to touch things:


What have I been doing with my life?!? At my house, we’ve been trying to teach Baby Oz the word “No,” but that’s not really working as well as it could. So from now, I’m going to yell, “Stop! Hammer Time!” Maybe that’ll help.

Then there’s Emily Cleaver, a freelance writer who spends her spare time recreating famous movie scenes with her baby, Arthur. I can’t get a swede done, I can’t dress up my baby like Daniel-Sahn. Where, oh where, are my priorities?

Here’s Arthur in “Rambo” and “The Godfather.” (Sidenote: Hey, Emily, I hope you do Arthur in “Arthur” soon — the Dudley Moore version, though, not the one with Mr. Katy Perry.)


Well played, Emily and Nate. But you watch out. When I teach Baby Oz how to skateboard on the back of cars like Marty McFly, it’s going to be so on.

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Responses to "Obviously, I need to step up my parenting game"

Christy says:

Ha, too funny! ;p

Zara says:

That is outstanding.

And Mike, don’t feel like you’re slacking. You and are the 99%…when it comes to parenting.