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Chris Isaak: ‘Fresno’s got it going on’

If you’ve seen his “Wicked Game” video, you might think singer Chris Isaak’s favorite vacation spot is a sultry beach somewhere. But it turns out, as he tells Fox News’ travel reporter, his favorite vacation spot is … Fresno?!?

No, we’re not making this up.

If you’re skipping the video, the Stockton native says:

I always feel like Fresno is pretty awesome. This sounds crazy to some people, but I love the fact that you can park in front of any place you want to go. You go, ‘I need to get paint.’ Boom, park right there! Love that!

He continues talking, we’re guessing, about the Fulton Mall:

If you go to Fresno, there’s Mexican town and that is rocking. You can get yourself a beautiful suit, a western tailored suit and you can get yourself the best Mexican lunch. I bought myself a belt buckle there, I’m not kidding you, you could fry eggs in this belt buckle! I said, ‘you’re kidding me! That’s a belt buckle?’ It was like it was a wrestling champion (belt). Fresno’s got it going on!

We wonder what Chris Isaak thinks about opening the Fulton Mall to traffic? Was he consulted?

Either way, somebody from the PBID Partners of Downtown better get on the horn with Isaak’s camp today and offer to trade him 10 egg-frying belt buckles for a concert on the mall.

Responses to "Chris Isaak: ‘Fresno’s got it going on’"

james says:

He wants to park in front of places, so he must be in support of opening it up!

DB says:

That’s cool. It’s rare to hear successful artist’s talk about Fresno in a possitive way. He seems like a down to earth, real person. Maybe they should call the Fulton Mall, Mexican Town, being that most of the buisnesses down there are Mexican owned. Everybody else is opening up shop in River Park. The Raza down there is the life’s blood of the Fulton Mall.

Jessica says:

Mexican Town does sound more rockin than Fulton Mall.

Bryan Harley says:

Seriously, Kate Borders and PBID shouldn’t sit on this, they should call up his camp ASAP and do a concert on the mall. Great opportunity, cool that he likes Fresno.

Kristin C says:

He is so funny and crazy. His interview on NPR last week kept going off topic, but it was rockin’ the whole time. It’s great to see someone saying positive things about Fresno in the national media.

teresa says:

I think it’s important to note that out of all of the sites to see in our city, all the places in the world this man has been- he picked Fulton Mall as the one that stands out the most. That speaks volumes. It’s not some random, ironic coincidence. Fulton Mall connected with him, and I’m sure he’s not the only world traveler that feels that way. Fulton Mall is special just the way it is. We should build on that, and not in an ‘Olvera Street’ kind of way.

Talullah says:

I remember seeing Chris Isaak at the old Cadillac Club and he was just as gracious about Fresno then as he is now. He is a unique performer with a unique vision. Good to hear he still enjoys coming back once in a while. I concur: PBID needs to get the hook-up for a “concert in the mall” or something like that. Let’s cross our fingers.

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

I too saw him at the Cadillac Club and Ron Thompson was there too….Ron played on his San Francisco Days album, too. Chris was cool that night…talking to me and autographing stuff. I still have his shirt from that day with his face in blue(rare shirt I have been told) I later saw him at the old I-BEAM in San Franciscos Haight-Ashbury area. He rocked it all. Then we saw him at the Berkeley Square and amazing once again..never a bad show and always nice to all his fans.

Scott says:

yeah, if they could hire Chris to do a show on Fulton mall, that would be great, sounds like they’ve got a pitchman, plus he’s pretty awesome

Pameg says:

Chris is a valley boy!! He is from Stockton.