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Epic Meal Time gets gentlemanly … with some Fresno gents

It’s been a while since we checked in with Epic Meal Time, mainly because I don’t know if you all like bacon-wrapped everything and bleeped-out curse words as much as I do. But the episode released this morning is of specific Fresno interest.

For Epic Meal Time’s “Gentleman’s Episode,” the guys hit Las Vegas and hang with Fresno’s own Twitter celeb @YourFavWhiteGuy — aka Branden Hampton, the guy with the Facebook-spoof app — while cooking up epic beef wellingtons.

But wait, there’s more: If you pay close attention, at 4:26 you’ll see someone who looks a lot like Mr. Fresno Infamous Kirk Vartanian — which makes a lot of sense since part of the episode takes places in Privilege Gentlemen’s Club, which Vartanian now owns or co-owns or something. Turns out it’s not Kirk, we’re told, but his brother. But hey, a Vartanian is a Vartanian.

As usual with Epic Meal Time, this is borderline NSFW and might gross you out.

Responses to "Epic Meal Time gets gentlemanly … with some Fresno gents"

mdub420 says:

Kirk vartanian is with a beautiful young fake boobed Latina. The guy just never loses.

Jaurique says:

that is funny as hell… i think that is Jack vartanian but the girls are not hot… should have shot video at Rome in Fresno cuz girls are better looking there.

i@mme says:

this vartanian guy just got kicked out of vegas. hes back in fresno. now trying to close down rome. lol to call this guy a businessman is a understatment. you can find ol vartanian back in fresno trying to find another (partner to whoo)cause he burned his final bridge in las vegas the guy never ever had any partnership or owned the club in las vegas. comes to show bad people dont make it far

1@mme says:

JUST IN there is a arrest warrant for kirk vartanian in Las Vegas Again. do what you like with this info ;)