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To-Do Tonight: Halloween edition


It’s for Halloween for reals — not to be confused with the week’s worth of Halloween parties that led up to tonight where girls could dress up like as a slutty [insert costume idea here] and guys could try to hit on them.

Sure, Halloween night still has a number of those parties, but it’s also offers the tried-and-true traditions — like trick-or-treating or, conversely, walking up and down the streets of the Tower District aimlessly. The choice is yours.

Here are a few things, though, going on tonight:

Look below for more options:

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Halloween edition"

Rosalinda Cooper says:

I Know it’s over now, but that last one really leaves me scratching my head. I must have missed something somewhere, considering it doesn’t at least give a location…

Mike Oz says:

Ohhh, oops. It was for Club Habanos.
I generally try to put those types of fliers, but I just didn’t notice.
My bad.