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Responses to "Worst Flier of the Week: Halloween edition"

danthom says:

It’s too bad whoever slapped this awful flier together destroyed a really brilliant ad campaign on AIDS awareness in the process… talk about misappropriation.

Christy says:

LMAO ~ Wow…just wow! ;p

Gil Vasquez says:

On the link from danthom – at least they didn’t copy the pic of the dude & the scorpion….

mdub420 says:

Even a tarantula gets more play than me.

hellokitty says:

Mdub420 are you going to be okay?

Danielle says:

Who. Goes. To. This. KIND OF STUFF?!?!


Chico says:

Lots and lots of mexicans nationals

rvartan2 says:

The true story of how Peter Parker was conceived?

Katie says:

Wow! Perhaps it’s the Utahan in me, but I’m blushing. We don’t have parties like that out here. I think I like it that way ;-). Gosh I miss Fresno…