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Iron Bird Cafe lives on


Downtown coffee drinkers can look forward to life with Iron Bird Cafe again.

The shop — a centerpiece for Fresno’s burgeoning “Mural District” — closed in July, but a new owner appears to be coming to the rescue.

According to Alisa Manjarrez from local foodie site TasteFresno, Iron Bird Cafe will be re-opening under the direction of Ann McAtee, who owns the various Teazer World Tea Markets around town.

It’ll keep the IBC name but McAtee is “adding a few twists” and hopes to open by the end of the year, according to Manjarrez.

We’ll keep an eye on this and share more info as it’s known.

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Responses to "Iron Bird Cafe lives on"

David says:

That is great to hear! Will go back again when I visit Fresno from DC.

@dollgina says:

YAY! I hope the twist is a unicorn.

Kevin says:

SWEET! I’ll be walking over there from Studios 64 and hanging out. :-D

RJ says:

Yay! But Teazer’s is super expensive. I hope “McAtee is adding a few twists” doesn’t mean “McAtee is adding a few dolla dolla bills to the price of every coffee drink.”

PM says:

This is excellent news for Fresno.

JJJJ says:


The space was much too well designed to be destroyed.

Kiel says:

Great to hear. Ann has shown that she can run a successful tea house in many parts of Fresno, Tower, Downtown, River Park. I look forward to spending time and money at IBC again.

blake says:

(woops, typed quickern’ I was thinking…(put email address instead of name:

all I meant to say was:

Great news!

Danny says:

Sweetness! looking forward to trying it out!!

Glad to hear this. Wondering how the new “twists” will work . . .

eric field says:

…good choice, good balance in craftsmanship on both sides.