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To-Do Tonight: Pre-Halloween shuffle


Lots happening tonight, so let’s not waste any time on some generic setup:

More happenings, including a bunch of nightclub stuff, below


Sigh. I hope the people behind Roe’s event know that Nees is not a street.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Pre-Halloween shuffle"

Kyle says:

Mike wont Fulton 55 ever get anything close to a big name? Cant they take someone like Air Supply from Chukchansi (for example) and have them play there just for promotion sake? I gotta tell ya Im sorry im not one to take chances on names ive never heard of; having said that id be more inclined to DO so if i was sold on Fulton 55 overall as a legitimate venue for a concert. Really Mike. Hall and Oates wouldve been a huge opening for Fulton55. I think the biggest name to play there so far is Six Ounce Gloves and Fishbone? Bring anything with somewhat of a name in or this Fulton55 goes kapoot sir. Name name name is the name of the game. Name recognition. Meanwhile Andre Nickatina played Crest once AGAIN and Fulton55 had what? Thats embarassing I think for them. You like no name folk act after no name local San Fran banjo player after no name folk act Mike? Neither does Fresno.

Kyle says:

Nice flyer for Fulton55….oh wait there never are any. Is that place for real?

elguapo says:


I have never been to Fulton 55 but have been to the Starline.

I was thinking about going to the U2 tribute band but I was wondering?

Do any of you guys know if on the inside of the Fulton 55 is it like starline where there are a few tables on the side and the back and if you don’t get there early there won’t be a place to sit?


Is there a lot of places to sit?
Do you pretty much have to stand there all night?

Mike Oz says:

There’s a good amount of seating — both upstairs and downstairs.
They often re-configure the downstairs seating based on the show.

Mike Oz says:

In my mind, bringing big-name acts is not the role of a 500-capacity music club. It is, in fact, to bring up and coming artists that you can see for cheap. Shows like last night’s are EXACTLY the type of show you should expect to a venue the size of Fulton 55.

I suspect that Fulton 55 would love to have someone like Hall & Oates, but H & O isn’t going to play a 500-cap club when casinos are throwing big money at them. It’s hard to compete with the casino venues, where music is basically treated as a loss-leader.

IMO, that shouldn’t be Fulton 55′s mission. It should be to bring cool acts for adventurous music lovers to explore. If you’re stuck on “names,” then you probably don’t go to too many music clubs to begin with.