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The Beehive’s Guide to Halloween


Halloween is right around the corner, and the weeks leading up to it offer plenty of options for Halloween-themed festivities and trips to our various haunted attractions.

This year’s crop of haunted attraction is bigger than ever — with a new haunted in Visalia (Fear Factory), two new places that were born out of the owner’s of Hobb’s Grove divorcing (The Grove and The Raven’s Gate). Clovis’ Fright Night Scream Park has a new name — 5th Realm, while The Patch, a more kid-friendly option, has moved from North Fresno to Old Town Clovis. Then there’s Haunted Fresno and Raisin Hell Ranch, both of which are back for another year.

If you’re looking for events — either at clubs or out in the community — check out the vast number of options below. If you’ve got something going on that’s not here, go ahead and leave a comment telling everyone about it.

Responses to "The Beehive’s Guide to Halloween"

Stephen says:

Quick note: “The Grove” is the actual former Hobb’s Grove – same actors, characters, location, etc. (The haunts have been enhanced, tho – completely new forest path, updated hayride trail with new scares, a magic show added and a great live zombie shooting gallery – paint ball guns trying to stop live zombies from moving towards you).

“The Raven’s Gate” is a brand new haunt about 2 miles away, using a volunteer cast. There you will have to pay to get onto the midway, where carnival games are featured (you pay to play those also).

Then again you could go see a ROCK SHOW at THE STARLINE?!?!?!? 105.1 The BLAZE HALLOWEEN BASH with HANZEL UND GRETYL plus special guests INSECT and SPACEHOOKER!!!

Dana Martin says:

When the owners of Hobb’s Grove divorced, Mike Callahan created a new partnership and started The Raven’s Gate, and Lore Callahan stayed on the old property and reopened as The Grove.

The Raven’s Gate donates $1.00 from every ticket to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Central Valley.

Paloma Lopez says:

Living in Parlier I decided to go to the Ravens Gate..let me tell you it was a complete and utter let down, at sixteen dollars for the forest and thirteen for the hayride plus five dollars just to spend time on their ” midway”. I feel a dollar per ticket sell as “charity” is laughable. When I went I grew tired of teenagers in spirit store masks roaring at me (when they weren’t busy chatting to each other and texting in plain view of us) I very much felt cheated of almost forty dollars….For me alone.

Sheila Noel says:

Word has it that Raisin Hell Ranch is the most terrifying in the valley. This is what one of the customers said:
“Your ranch was the scariest and best! I’ve been to all the local attraction- in Sanger to 5Th Realm in Clovis- NOT ONE tops the experience we had there last Thursday night! And “Jack Sparrowâ€� was an absolute hoot!! Wonderful experience-though I’ll never look at pumpkins the same- I couldn’t stop screaming and the array of excitement throughout each attraction was like no other! The price cannot be beat for the amount of scare that you get”
“We went last Thursday night, and OMG- don’t waste your time going anywhere else!! The price is what everyone else is charging for half the experience! I couldn’t wait for each of the 2 extremely scary outdoor attractions to be over-it was that good-there’s props and other amazingly scary “things” throughout-its definitely a scream!-But I don’t recommend taking kids under 12! Good job team!!! See you again next year!!!”