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Don’t miss ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ at Arte

I’ve been to a lot of “Dia de Los Muertos” exhibitions over the years at Arte Américas, but the current one feels especially vibrant. It’s a mix of work from accomplished veteran artists and several terrific new artists, with some of the bunch producing traditional “Day of the Dead” altars and installations and others going in broader directions with the theme.

I highlight one of my favorite pieces in the exhibition — Diana Rodriquez and Madlyn Esquer’s installation “In Tribute to Roy Reuben Balli Gonzalez” — in Sunday’s Spotlight section. It’s a thrilling and moving piece. And I love the effect of mixing the flatness of vintage photography with the carefully staged three-dimensional forms. (The Bee photo, above, is by Craig Kohlruss.)

The show continues through Nov. 4. I’ll be letting you know more about Nov.2′s big annual procession and celebration.

On the jump, check out a few of the works by up-and-coming artists in exhibition.

I snapped a few pics of some of the works I especially like:

                                    Monica Galvan’s “Yaretzi”

Jesus “Nuka” Rosas’ “Calaca”

Erik Beltran’s “Untitled.”

Don’t miss Mauro Carrera’s vibrant murals on the Arte staircases.

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Monica Galvan says:

Wooooooow im honored. Thanx :)

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