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Talking points: What to do with the Fulton Mall? For reals this time … we think


The last week has seen a surge in conversation about the Fulton Mall, specifically the long-standing debate about whether to open it to traffic or keep it a pedestrian mall.

Last Wednesday the PBID Partners of Downtown — the property owners association — endorsed a plan to open the mall. On Friday, Mayor Swearengin will announce what she thinks should be done with the mall.

In the meantime, many words have been written, many opinions have been shared and it’s obvious many people are passionate about this debate. Whether that’s the Save the Fulton Mall folks or their opposition.

Suppose the point here is, there are A LOT of opinions out there. So what’s yours? Leave the mall closed? Open it to traffic? Level the whole thing and start over? Make everything south of Shields a different city? Something else? Let’s hear it.

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Responses to "Talking points: What to do with the Fulton Mall? For reals this time … we think"

Marc M. says:


Elba says:

H & M. All the teenagers will be scrambling over.

Conlan says:

I don’t care what they do as long as they add a big chain store or restaurant that isn’t in Fresno yet.

DLR says:

have to wonder how many people who have such strong opinions about the mall actually go there, or actually will go there after whatever happens to it happens.

Conrad Braganza says:

I think an interesting point of discussion is: will opening the Fulton Mall advance the economic impact of retail in Downtown Fresno?

Brianne says:

If the rest of downtown was bustling and the Fulton Mall was deserted, it would be easy to say that the lack of vehicle traffic is the Fulton Mall’s problem. But come downtown on a weekend. The Fulton Mall has more activity and commerce than any other area downtown. When it’s being maintained, you will see kids running around, people sitting at the fountains, etc. Vehicle traffic isn’t the problem. Rather than going for another silver bullet approach (hello, downtown stadium), we need to build downtown up one building at time. Not as sexy, but the results will be better, and it will be cheaper.

open it back up so we can drive by and see abandoned buildings up close

transit41 says:

What does it take to analyze the origin of Downtown’s land use design? This area was NOT designed to accommodate automobiles and Downtown’s land-use design has not changed. Can the people who make these types of decisions not even bother to look at an old picture of Fresno? What do the old pictures show? All of Fresno was built upon a streetcar transit system. Most of the people in those pictures arrived there via the streetcar system. Downtown Fresno’s land use design remains Transit Oriented.

In the 1930’s when Fresno’s transit system was removed it rendered Fresno’s original land-use design to be dysfunctional.


Measure C has a $36million New Technology Transit Fund that can allow Fresno to lead the entire nation with innovative New Transportation
developments which could provide an entire industry for Fresno based jobs.

JP Sweeney posting as Transit 41

Michael says:

Opening the Fulton Mall will wipeout existing businesses, businesses already struggling in the current economy.