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SkyWalk’s marketing jumps over the head of some Fresnans

SkyWalk — the indoor trampoline arena opening soon along Highway 41 just north of town — announced last night there had been a “break in” at its facility. I use quotes because the “news story” SkyWalk posted about the “break in” is so obviously fake that I question the intelligence of anyone who watched it for more than 15 seconds and thought it was real.

Judge for yourself:

I watched this and thought it was a fun attempt at viral marketing — something we don’t see a whole heck of a lot of around here. Then I went over to SkyWalk’s Facebook page and saw how it bounced right over the head of a bunch of people. See below. Sigh, Fresno. Sigh.


Nonetheless, this place seems cool. Just be careful not to run into the slower folks when you’re over there bouncing around at SkyWalk.

Responses to "SkyWalk’s marketing jumps over the head of some Fresnans"

Ninja Please says:

Terribly sad that Fresnans aren’t smart enough to comprehend the simple things in life.

Stephen says:

I just looked it up and this WAS fake!

It turns out there really ISN’T anyone named Mike Oz in Fresno! All these posts – fake! The hate mail and hate voicemails! Fake!!

We should have known when you posted pictures of a very pretty wife and some supposedly cute dog and baby. NO music journalist worth his salt gets to have those things.

I can’t believe it – open all this time and you’ve been lying to us.

Beth Bridges says:

That’s great! I think it’s a terrific idea. Maybe the reason it missed the mark just a little bit is because it was very serious. Perhaps just a touch more whimsey would have made it work more like a fun viral video.

What if the “police officer,” instead of doing a little bounce, busted out some amazing trampoline routing?

Either way, I like it!

jackie.cromwell says:

I think that it is a bit sad that people not only didn’t get it but were offended at the attempt! I agree with Beth that a little more could have been done to “whimsy it up” a little.

I have to look into this because my kids would love it!!!

ginny says:

Probably no worse than KMPH

Ray Arthur says:

Pretty well produced. For viral, the only thing missing was a cup of Gatorade at the end!

Christy says:

Haha, too funny Stephen! ;p