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To-Do Tonight: Don’t miss Mucca Pazza

If Rademacher isn’t your thing tonight, then I implore you to make the drive to Visalia and see Mucca Pazza, which is playing at The Cellar Door. I saw this group — a marching band gone mad, essentially — last year at Audie’s Olympic (video above) and it completely blew my mind. After the show, I wrote:

Here was this marching band with mismatched uniforms and cheerleaders who had pom-poms made of “Caution” tape, either crowding onto the stage or crawling around the club, playing where ever they wanted. The crowd was smiling and laughing the whole time, something you don’t always — but should — see at a show. If you ever get a chance to see Mucca Pazza, do not hesitate, do it.

I stand by that today. They’re playing at 9:30 p.m. with Fierce Creatures. Tickets cost $10. More info here.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Don’t miss Mucca Pazza"

industrial-hoofdie Towel says:

I saw these guys a year or two ago down at ‘Cellar Door,’ (again, Oz, thanks for the tip,)

Seriously, these folks are a total blast… I can’t remember a funner time with a band, -the place was packed, and they were an astonishing mix of quality tunage, dancin’ and stompin’ (on every surface of the place,)sweat, and pyrotechnics… (you know, without those annoying pyrotechnics.)
-Celar Door ain’t that big… so ya wanna get there in time to actually get in side… (the crowd zeitgeist will take care of the rest.)

Just go: it is soooo worth the schlepp…

Stephen says:



Dangit, I hate to use the Fresno cliche, but I hadn’t heard about this (til now).

Mrraah. Guess my lazy butt is driving to Visalia tonight.

Yes, folks, they really are worth the drive and the cover. Afterwards you’ll be saying “Fierce Who??”