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A National Coffee Day shout-out to a Fresno jewel, Café Corazón

It’s National Coffee Day, and while 7-11 was handing out free coffee and people went about their regular Starbucks routine, we thought it was a worthwhile time to call attention to a local business that’s doing great things with coffee.

That’s Café Corazón, the Wishon Row shop that’s not only a great place to grab a cup of coffee, but also a wonderful place to pick up specially roasted beans for at-home brewing from our own local coffee expert Leo Rios.

Here’s an episode from TasteFresno’s web series (produced by The No Network) that takes us inside Café Corazón. Once you’re good and fiendin’ for your coffee fix, check out the cafe’s website and go give it a try — today or any other day.

Since Leo is such a nice guy, he also offered up five coffee-making tips for any and all coffee lovers out there:

  • Fresh Coffee. Find a roaster that roasts it fresh, it will make a difference.
  • Grind it fresh. Grinding your coffee just before you’re about to brew it is yet another little thing that counts.
  • Clean filtered water. Water from one of those water stations works.
  • Proper water temps. Between 195^ and 205^ and you’re making good coffee
  • Time. Steep the coffee long enough to let the coffee goodness release into your fresh brew, usually about 4 minutes.

We’ll add one more: Buy some coffee from Café Corazón.

Responses to "A National Coffee Day shout-out to a Fresno jewel, Café Corazón"

Gil Vasquez says:

Cafe Corazon is the only place I buy my coffee. I gained more knowledge about coffee in a 2 hour class from Leo than I have my whole life!

The “Tweaker” blend is really good. Name speaks for itself.