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[Update] To-Do Tonight: Leon Russell cancels Fresno gig


UPDATE: Leon Russell has pulled the plug on his Fulton 55 show, saying the stage is too small for him. Read more in this news update.

ORIGINAL POST: A trip around Fresno for some local happenings this evening:

LEON RUSSELL: Music legend Leon Russell — who has played with members of both The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, that’s a pretty good test of “legendary”, don’tcha think? — is at Fulton 55 tonight. Russell is a recent Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and he should probably be in the beard hall of fame too. Tickets and info here.

BASIA: Genre-defying pop singer Basia headlines Tower Theatre tonight. Her style, according to her bio, “combin[es] the rhythms and styles of Latin music, the sound of classic American soul and R&B, and the polish of ’50s and ’60s jazz.” So yeah, all over the place. Show at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $45.50 & $55.50.

LIVE PODCASTING: Those humorous dudes from Dead in the 60 Years are doing a live podcast tonight at Heroes Sports Lounge. If watching foul-mouthed dudes record a podcast is something you’ve always yearned for, then tonight is your night. Their guest is local comic Danny Minch, who hosts the comedy nights at Heroes. There’s a bar at Heroes, so you can drink along. More info here.

SWAG: There’s a party about swag at Karma Restaurant and Lounge. Henceforth: If it’s not a OFWGKTA show or an event where they’re handing out free gift bags with Amazon tablets, then all things “swag” should remain in 2009 … where they belong.

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Responses to "[Update] To-Do Tonight: Leon Russell cancels Fresno gig"

The Fresnan says:

Did Leon say too small for HIM or too small for his beard?

Stephen says:

SBL is one of the most reputable promotion companies in California. They do smaller venue stuff, work honestly and with great integrity.

Having said that, lots of promoters treat tech/stage riders as ‘wish lists.’ Performers often ask for a lot, but they also expect to get it – especially performers who have been to the big-time. They get used to big venues with lots of equipment. Performers like Leon Redbone are legends, want to sound the best and look the best. He doesn’t know crap about how cool Fulton 55 is, or how the fans in Fresno are, etc. His only impression of Fresno/Fulton 55 is SLP.I’m guessing the stage/equip specs didn’t fulfill Leon’s expectations, and now he gets to use that as a legal excuse to drop the show.

I feel sorry for SLP, but the rider IS a contract…and some performers don’t like day-of surprises

glen delpit says:

um, Leon played on the stage at Club Fred in the 90′s which is a postage stamp compared to the Fulton 55 stage and at the Wild Blue, also considerably smaller. When they send the rider/contract out they always state the dimensions of the stage.He knew going in exactly how big it was and what to expect.I suspect there was some other reason he didn’t want to play tonight.”Quick, some water bub, I smell beard smoke”.

Jamal says:

I saw Leon years ago (1986) in Sacramento in a real dive and there wasn’t much of a stage – I sat in a chair a few feet from him in fact. But that was before Leon was recently elevated to the big time and now he has big-time management looking after him. In the old days he had a crappy electric piano in a metal case — today who knows, he might have a big grand piano that really does require more room. In any event, it’s a shame because Leon is a legend and it would have been a great show.

Derek B says:

My Mother-in-Law was pretty forgiving, she’s a life-long fan. Turns out he’s playing the Kern County Fair for free on Friday night.