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Frebby Awards: videos & winners

The Fresno interwebs patted itself on the back last night at the second annual Frebby Awards, held at Fulton 55.

I’m proud to say that I was among the winners for my work here on The Beehive, so thanks to everybody who reads all my “information.” As a whole, the Fresno blogosphere was well represented among the winners. Here’s the list:

There’s a long list of honorable mentions you can see at The Daily Dues. Congrats to everyone.

Now that all that award stuff is out of the way, I need to say something about the videos. They were great — my favorite part of the Frebbys. The wonderful intro video (see above) was made by Windsong Productions and stars Frebby host Zara Arboleda of CBS 47. Each category had an intro video, created by folks like Dumb Drum and Dead in 60 Years — and those were quite entertaining. Some of them are below for your enjoyment.

Here’s a winner photo:


Thanks to Paprika Studios and its team of volunteers for organizing the event.

[photo: Alex Tavilan / The Daily Dues]

Responses to "Frebby Awards: videos & winners"

james says:

Thanks for the recap, Mike – and congrats again on the win. Well deserved for keeping this community informed.

Thanks to everyone who came out, thought about coming out, tweeted, nominated, laughed, cried and helped to put this whole thing on. It was a lot of fun, and honored several very talented people.

And yeah, those videos were incredible. Again, very talented people.

Alex says:

Thanks for the mention (and photo usage!)

Another big win for Fresno’s ever-growing web community.

Congrats to the winners along with the Frebbys organizing team!

Ruby Berry says:

Yes, recap is great. What an amazing group of people. Congrats to all of you! All-deserving! Some people just don’t realize all of the hard-work that goes into what these folks do. Great work people and good job! Disregarding all negative comments, blogs and any other form of negativity. I’m not part of “the cool crowd” yet still feel a strong sense of love an compassion for the Fresno Community and the artists that describe it with such passion. We Central Valley’ns need to stick together! We live in a rich and diverse culture and we should all support and enrich each-other with our experiences and our love for the Central Valley and all it has to offer!