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Frebby Awards: The top 20 nominees


This year’s Frebby Awards are Thursday night at Fulton 55, and seven local web-centric companies, services or people are going to walk away with 20-pound statues anointing them as online “standard-setters.”

Who will win? You have to wait until Thursday night’s ceremony — tickets cost $15 and are available here if you want to watch with your own eyes.

For now you can peruse which entries, out of the 60-some-odd submitted, that Frebby judges decided were the best. These 20 scored the highest across all seven categories and are essentially the “finalists.”

Here they are, in no particular order:


The Daily Dues has a little more about what to expect at Thursday’s award ceremony. The Frebbys have already drawn the skepticism of one local blogger. Ed Stewart fired off a “meh” post last night, wondering “why anyone that isn’t a web designer or a nominated group would go?”

Responses to "Frebby Awards: The top 20 nominees"

ed says:

to be fair, i wouldn’t call my post just a “meh.” but maybe i’m wrong about me. :-)

btw, congrats to all those nominated, and to the top 20 for being spotlighted. hope everyone that goes enjoys the event.

Mike Oz says:

I apologize then.
“Skeptical” was the main description there, and that’s largely what I got from it.

ed says:

no need to apologize mike. i actually think you’re last sentence summary hits the nail on the head for the question of that post.

Mark Simmons says:

Who came up with this frebby thing anyway? I Seriously don’t see any interest in anyone wanting to attend this thing either. It seems like a joke and there hasn’t been any serious advertising about it. I’d rather sit home and watch re-runs of Matlock.

Mike Oz says:

It’s the brainchild of Paprika Studios:

I know it’s been advertised in The Bee and on Peak Broadcasting radio stations, and online, obviously.

james says:

*hand raised*

I came up with it, Mark. A couple of years ago, I looked around and asked, “How do I encourage the sparks of creativity I see in Fresno? How do I help grow that? How do I encourage and nurture the talent pool so that we can retain knowledge workers in the valley?” I started the ball rolling, and it’s run by a team of people who work for me (that’s Paprika Studios) and a large group of partners that echo that sentiment, include the media outlets Mike’s mentioned.

We’ll have fun tomorrow, but it’s not a joke – it’s something we take quite seriously. (Almost as seriously as Matlock reruns.)

ed says:

thanks for the link, mike. it help contribute to good conversation.

Mary Ramos says:

The Shabby awards.Fresno’s low budget Emmy awards where you can win a 10 pound paperweight for your Fireplace mantle.I’m sure this might be really exciting for High school kids to win this contest.