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Taco Bell’s Doritos Loco taco: A blogger taste-test panel

Our post last week on Taco Bell’s Doritos Loco taco — which Fresno is currently a test market for — proved one thing: People definitely have opinions on this dusty orange taco concoction. So we knew what our next step had to be: assemble a panel of taste-testers from the local blogging community and put the whole thing on video.

Brodiemash from Dumb Drum, Alisa from Taste Fresno, Alex from The Daily Dues and Beehiver Heather McLane sampled and sounded off on Taco Bell’s latest junk-food mash-up while The Bee’s Craig Kohlruss did the camera work.

Here ya go:

Anybody else tried it since last week and have an opinion to offer?

PREVIOUSLY: So, Fresyes, what’s the verdict on this Taco Bell/Doritos taco?

Responses to "Taco Bell’s Doritos Loco taco: A blogger taste-test panel"

I want a Cool Ranch Doritos taco.

Alex says:

Where’s the director’s cut? The one with the manager verbally assaulting us to film “off the premises?”

Michael says:

Anyone remember the Monterrey Jack Doritos? Those were the bomb.

Heather says:

I stole that baby.

I have that! Maybe I should do a remix version.

jaurique says:

they need to make a taco salad using doritos. instead of a shell use a bowl or the nacho plate thing and add doritos chips. I have been eating Taco salad using doritos at home since I was a kid and this taco kinda taste the same.

ooook guys says:

Look, fast food is good once in a while. I do understand we have been a testing ground for fast food for some time.

Heck I ever remember having Pizza at McDonalds in the 80s once. Note: Once.

I really think this is a nice distraction from the every day rigors that present itself to some lives; but to most others….please get a life and a decent diet.

Ive been hearing and reading about this for too long. Go eat a vegetable. a Jamba Juice. Just calm down.
I think you all are excited because of that repetitive commercial that says FRESNO FRESNO FRESYES IN IT.

Jeff says:

The nacho flavored taco shell was an uneventful tasting experience. The only real indication that it was a Doritos shell would be my orange colored finger tips.

Bee-Dull-Mania says:

Heather, let ur hair down. Do you always have to be ‘on’? Enjoy life instead of always on guard for ‘Big Corporations’.

Bryce says:

I agree that a balanced diet is important; and that to me includes having fun with your food! Overall, I enjoyed the Doritos Locos Taco. The nacho cheese shell added a nice bit of zing. But like others, I could use a more bold flavor. Cool Ranch would be nice, but have you seen the Tapatio Doritos? I picked up a bag months ago from Food Maxx, I think it was. A Tapatio Doritos shell would really be a bold, yet tasty, departure from a “regular” Taco Bell taco. Fresnans should enjoy living in a test market and go try at least one of these bad boys.

ed says:

i’m curious what you wanted hmac to do. should she flipped the eff out over a taco she thought was meh? been topless? drunk?

Amanda says:

I thought Heather was drunk? And she’s obviously a baby thief.

Classy says:

Another way for Fresno and Fresnans to display their class.

Stephen says:

I’m with Heather, I had it a few days ago for the first time and quite frankly if it wasn’t for the Doritos dust on my fingers I couldn’t tell it was different.

Christy says:

When did Heather have a baby?! ;p