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A Fall Fray: Falltini vs. Fall Fling

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It’s a battle of the “Fall” parties on Saturday, as Falltini and Fall Fling — two annual staples of the see-and-be-seen social event scene — collide on the calendar.

Each uses the same formula: booze, food, music and fashion to (they hope) attract a few thousand people. Word is organizers realized a few weeks ago they had similar events planned on the same day not too far away from each other. Oops. But neither wanted to budge.

We pretty much have to compare the two, don’t we?

FALLTINI: It’s been around longer and is the more proven name. This year, however, isn’t giving us much new. It’s at the Park Place shopping center at Palm & Nees — which just hosted one of these parties two weeks ago. A couple local bands are performing and there’s a “world famous” fashion show (not sure who deemed it world famous, but hey). It’s backed by 1430 ESPN and HiS magazine.

FALL FLING: In its third year, Fall Fling moves out of the Champlain & Perrin parking lot and into the Woodward Park group activity area. (Shade FTW?) It’s got a stronger entertainment lineup, so long as you don’t hate Kasey and Vienna from “Bachelor Pad.” There’s also on-the-rise pop star Tiffany Alvold and DJ Lady Kate, who is an honorary Fresnan by now, she’s here so often. Fall Fling is put on by longtime local nightlife promoter Lewis Everk.

Here’s one difference that shows just how at odds the two events are: One is sponsored by Bud Light and the other by Coors Light.

So now the questions are: How big is the pool of people who attend these sort of events? Which will win out? Will some big-spenders go to both?

Guess we’ll know Sunday.

Responses to "A Fall Fray: Falltini vs. Fall Fling"

Rebekah says:

This is a no brainer…. Fall Fling! It benefits RCS which helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assualt.

ed says:

my breakdown of the battle of fall:
fling is cheaper (good) and at the park instead of a parking lot (awesome). both of those are advantages.

entertainment wise? the “bands” of tini seem a little better than whatever fling is throwing out. however, licorice pimpz can be seen all the time at the landmark for free.

who am i kidding? i wouldn’t go to either of these unless the beehive gave me free tickets. speaking of which, you guys giving away free tickets? i kid, i kid.

Guess WHO? says:

Just wanted to state that FALL FLING released their date three weeks prior to FALL TINI. WIsh i could attend both, but why would i go to something with less appeal that tried to hurt another event. To talk on the Fashion Show… The producer at The tini tiny event is a first timer so I don’t understand the “World Famous” either, Mike. They have more stores participating than just Mia Bella, so wheres the love? I have heard and seen prior “Fling” produced fashion shows that have had the stage packed; which doesn’t happen often with runways in this town. It has local designers and boutiques, not just your average, and I’ve heard she has a BIG OCT/FALL SURPRISE.
Pros to cons: 94 degree forecast. Fall Fling vs. Fall Tini
CHARITY vs. ESPN – sold yet??
GRASS vs. Asphalt
SHADE vs. light posts
BENCHES vs. Cars
FULL BAR vs. lil tini tiny martini glass
BWASH vs. Licorice Pimp?!
20$ vs. 25 or 30$
3 years vs. YEARS, who cares if the event is watered-down and in a parking lot…

Joy says:

I’m not comparing. Neither of those is remotely appealing to me. I’ll be foot stomping to an awesome Celtic rock band downtown, for less money, and having a grand time.

Have a Heart says:

I don’t do club scenes, but I do like to contribute to worthy causes. I have long appreciated that Lewis Everk has demonstrated that you can throw a great party and do something to benefit someone else at the same time. His events have raised funds for Valley Children’s Hospital, Resource Center for Survivor’s of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence and families in need. In a day and age where needs are great, and dollars are stretched thin, Lewis Everk and Fall Fling get my vote!!

LaLa says:

Fall Fling Will kick ass Lewis Everk Always Pulls off the Best S*** in TOWN !!!!!!!

Mike Oz says:

In the interest of fairness, Falltini does an org it supports too:

linnyleloo says:

as the fashion show producer and creative director, my month-long preproduction & planning should speak for itself. it’s a shame that Falltini decided to make this a competition 3 weeks after we released our date… i would have gone to both. #teamFallFling

Cel says:

DJ Lady Kate is pretty fantastic. Caught her at the Club One Beach Party. Having the Fall Fling in the park is a great idea. The grass, and trees will cool the temps, and it gets dark at 7:30, anyways.

theresabigworld says:

Do people realize that no one cares? The general public doesn’t need side to choose or have to identify with an event to feel like they are FB popular. Pretty hilarious that someone like “linneylelou” makes up big important titles for a local fashion show people don’t even watch. Hilarious! Maybe the squirrels at Woodward Park will “discover” him and he’ll go all the way. And after some research on this here internets, looks like his site promotes HIS Magazine? WTF? But at least he got a web hit out of me.

This isn’t a rant against Mr. Linney, but rather an assessment. Both look like good events. I’m betting I know which one the cops are going to be staked out at. I’m betting I know which one will have the Cougars crawling. I know which one will have super intelligent people from the Bachelor Pad to make me feel good about my town. I know which one will have real bathrooms. And then I know which one I’ll be at: Neither. I am traveling up north to a festival where there aren’t people acting like their glorified beer garden events are about to change the world. Grow up people. It’s embarrassing.

P.S Twenty bucks says the high class ‘Producer and Creative Director’ of the fashion show lives at home with mommy and can’t wait to get out of the house on Saturday.

Mike – why are you even engaging in this crap?

bradley says:

None of these comments make any grammatical, let alone actual sense.

Nonsensical non sequiturs. Even mike’s post has a typo.

jaurique says:

funniest post i have seen in months on beehive, but what makes it funny is most what you saw is very true. by the way who is “linneylelou”/”Mr. linney”?

bradley says:

^5 for using moded.

linnyleloo says:

hahah thanks for taking your time to write up an “assessment” of me but i think you missed the point. my comment was not written to boast or brag… i have worked with HIS magazine in the past and have nothing bad to say. the moral of the story is that a lot of time, money, and energy go into these events so why make it a competition?! there is room in this town for both. btw im no mister.

Mike Ice says:

SO… Everyone probably has it figured out who – guess WHO was… MIKE ICE. With theresabigworld, it’s just a bit cowardly to hide behind a name when taking direct shots at someone. For one Lindsey is my lady and i don’t appreciate some no name shhhmuck making snide remarks behind a persona. She is very passionate about her work and for a bunch of her so called “friends” we see you! SHE is gorgeous and has much more class than you… I will lower myself cause i don’t give two sh**s. I am controversial. Hope you can realize that you are a coward talking bad about a female. BIG PERSON YOU ARE! Maybe you should realize theresabigworld out there and stop taking cheap shots at people that you obviously think you know… I was nearly stating the obvious in my previous comment. Awesome that it has directly correlated to some people’s FB posts from Fall Tini. UNDER YOUR SKIN YET?!

Mike ICE says:


Goldilocks says:

Do people realize that no one cares? really @ theresabigworld …? thats a pretty large blanket statement to make for “everyone” in fresno.? what do you mean no one cares ? ha ! i mean… who do YOU know that doesnt care ? because last years fall fling was sold out, and we had to turn people a way. WEIRD. i supposed 2,000 plus is no one. and this has nothiing to do with being popular. in fact, i havent heard that term or ‘catagory’ since highschool. i dont believe anyone is aiming for popularity. its more about passion, artistic ability, vision, and … making a little money for a worthy cause. but who does anyone even care to try to defend themselves to such a negative mean person ? NOT ME ! what a waste of space in my brain.

Nice assessment, but not asked for or required for the sucess of our event.

p.s. how miserable it must be to be you. have fun traveling up north while were all making a fun …eventful …sucessful night for ourself… as far as linnyleloo goes…. she is none of your concern or business. if you dont know her, then you really dont know what the f*** youre talking about. youre probably some overweight 16 year old sitting in his moms basement that needs to get laid. stop respoding because youre embarssing yourself … and i hope no one else responds to you after this because you are a waiste of our precious and valuable time.

Kat says:

Proofread people! You might be taken a little more seriously. Just saying.

Mike Ice says:

Why do people make such a big deal of gramatical typing on blogs??? You can tell what people are saying on this thread, and that most are intelligent. #justsaying… it’s a blog not a midterm or a book. Hince why people use emoticons and abbreviations galore on the internet. #puzzled… Stop wasting your time correcting people and correct yourself!!! No offense

Rebekah says:

Mike Ice I often wonder the same thing. Is it really that big of a deal if there is a typo?