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So, Fresyes, what’s the verdict on this Taco Bell/Doritos taco?

By now you’ve probably heard about Bakersfield and Fresno — errr, “Fresyes” — being test markets for Taco Bell’s much-discussed-on-the-interwebs Doritos Loco Taco, which has a taco shell made of actual Doritos. There’s been a serious ad blitz on TV and radio these past 10 or so days. This look familiar?

Since Fresno fast-food lovers have had a chance to try them now, let’s get down to nitty-gritty on these tacos — what’s the verdict? Do they pass the test? Are they the junk-food dream that many are hoping for? Or are they just a totally loco idea gone awry? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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Responses to "So, Fresyes, what’s the verdict on this Taco Bell/Doritos taco?"

Robb says:

Not bad, but not earth-shattering either. Definitely need extra napkins when eating this taco!

Derek says:

I had it, and it was okay. I’m not a TB hater either. It isn’t really a taco shaped Doritos chip. It’s a taco shell dusted with the magic nacho cheese powder, somewhat inconsistent too.

I’d have it again, but it wasn’t such an experience that I’ll miss it if it doesn’t last.

Maybe this requires a second round of analysis. I’ll get back to you.

Hockey Rocker says:

So I pick up the taco over the weekend and right off the bat the price was too much. I’m not a cheapsake but 1.29 for a regular taco made out a Dorito chip is too much. (The regular taco is 89 cents and a smedium bag of Doritos cost a $1) It’s 1.49 if I want the tomato and sour cream. Huh?

It was a regular taco bell taco with the Nacho cheese chip seasoning painted on the shell. Not worth the buy.

Conlan says:

I don’t care about these tacos, but I thought it was funny, in the earlier commercials, when they referred to it as “the I-99″ (it has since been corrected, as the video above shows).

Michael says:

This should have been at the taco truck throwdown.

Liz says:

You could not pay me enough $ to eat at Taco Bell any more.

Ron says:

Ya. As soon as I can get off my stool at La Elegante I’ll check out this tac-no.

ed says:

i tried one w/sour cream. i thought it was decent, but i did dislike the amount of crud it leaves on your hand.

Floydy says:

I can’t pay taco bell enough of my money

Traladom says:

instead of improving their food, taco bell has been recycling gimmicks for a long time at this point. soon youll see this as a cheesey gordita crunch.

Natali says:

Not bad, but not as great as I’d hoped either. I wish the texture of the shell was more like a Dorito.

Nicole says:

The Dorito shell is pretty good… I won’t miss it if it doesn’t make the cut, but I’d eat it again if the mood struck me. Not a big dorito or taco bell fan, so I’m not head-over-heels for it.

Pamela says:

It has been interesting to try (at least 3 times now and probably not the last). The flavor is Doritos Nachos (which I loved as a kid). The mix of the flavor in with the actual taco was good, though I prefer my bit of chip separate from my bite of taco. The Doritos Loco would be much better if they could get the shell to stay together. Quite a messy taco. Be prepared with napkins, especially if you order it with the sour cream and Tomatoes. All in all I would say you should try them at least once (or twice), just for the experience and to say you ate one too!

Alimento Bueno!

justin says:

My wife bought us one to try out the other night. She liked it more than I did, but overall I thought it was ok. Though, like the other commenters said, I wouldn’t miss it if it was gone.

It’s a hassle to eat in the little sleeve it comes in that helps to keep your fingers from turning orange (and probably one reason for the higher price).

willriker17 says:

I like it. Got mine at the Taco Bell in Los Banos. Hope it sticks around for a long time.

Melissa says:

I thought it was pretty dang good… adds more flavor the usual bland flavor of “Taco Hell”. I have had the supreme one twice and have not found it to be messy… maybe I’m lucky. I will definitely try to grab it a few more times before it disappears.

DLR84 says:

too salty. would rather eat a regular taco bell taco, if i’m forced to eat a taco bell taco for whatever reason.

chris_estep says:

I love em. My wife hates em.

Roger G says:

Goes great with my daily insulin injection.

Vonz says:

I had one today with my husband…and it was pretty tasty! I like them!