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New Daughtry single — whatcha think?


I know what you’re thinking: Since when does Daughtry releasing a new single warrant a Beehive post? Since the band’s bass player Josh Paul moved to Clovis a couple years ago.

Paul and his Daughtry cohorts are prepping their new album, and released “Renegade” today on their website. To make it even more of local note: Paul co-wrote the song with Daughtry.

Can’t embed it here, but you can listen on Daughtry’s site.

I’ll say this: It has a bit more gusto than you might expect from Daughtry.

Responses to "New Daughtry single — whatcha think?"

Rosalinda Cooper says:

Huzzah, Fresno-area bassists!

Susan says:

Definitely bad ass. Love it!!! It has a bit more gusto that you might expect?? Huh?? Take a listen to You Don’t Belong off the Leave This Town album. That’s gusto.