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It came from Fresno: Fakebook


Fakebook is an iPhone app released this week that allows users to create fake Facebook status updates and photos uploads to prank their friends and loved ones — you know, sort of a new-age, techy whooping cushion.

And its creator, 28-year-old Branden Hampton, lives right here in Fresno.

Hampton isn’t some social media newbie, though. He’s already a titan of Twitter, and is easily Fresno’s most followed person. You just might not recognize his real name.

He runs two massively popular Twitter accounts — the NSFW, crude and comedic @YourFavWhiteGuy (222K+ followers) and the lovey-dovey @TheNoteboook (1.2 million+ followers).

Using Fakebook, users could choose to create either a not-welcome status update or share a unflattering picture of a friend. The app then generates what is essentially a screenshot of the fake update that can be shown to someone or sent via MMS.

The inspiration behind the app? Hampton says:

“I came up with the idea when I pretended to upload an embarrassing picture of my fiancée to Facebook and she freaked out. I thought, “How can I replicate that reaction? Why isn’t there a fake-update app yet?” So I created one.”

fakebookPicture 1.png fakebookPicture 2.png

The launch of Fakebook is already off to a solid start. It has sold 4,500 copies in seven days — at 99 cents each. That’s even before a media blitz that started today.

Hampton said earlier this week, though, that he’s anticipating some push-back from Facebook, since Team Zuckerberg doesn’t take kind to spoofery.

Apparently, that Facebook’s protest arrived today:

FakePicture 1.png

We’ll have to keep our eyes on how this one plays out.

Responses to "It came from Fresno: Fakebook"

peck.mcdaniel says:

Trust Mike Oz, possibly The Most Interesting Man In Fresno, to dish the dirt on another local genius. It is good to know that creativity is alive and well in the Valley, particularly of this variety. In an era of financial crisis and news fraught with woe, I for one was uplifted not only by a tail of ingenuity but by the knowledge that there is yet one more app out there to add to my arsenal. After all, my mom HAS finally caught on to Motion Fart.

Dan says:

Thanks for sharing this information, I was not a follower of Branden but now I am. He is hilarious on Twitter.