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Taco Truck Throwdown: A tasty recap

As promised, I’m back to tell you more about last week’s inaugural Central California Taco Truck Throwdown, coordinated by the Fresno Grizzlies, and The Beehive and featuring seven local taco trucks from Madera to Visalia.


Lots of numbers have been crunched and tallied, and I’m going to load you up with taco facts– because I thought it was interesting and you might too.

  • Fresno fave La Elegante won the peoples’ choice award and Madera’s Tacos Girasoles, with its homemade tortillas, was the judges’ pick for best tacos. Complete results (and info on each truck) are below.
  • Here’s an fun fact: A tummy-turning 7,977 tacos were served at the Taco Truck Throwdown. Meanwhile, Grizzlies attendance was way up that night, with 10,287 at the ballpark.


1. Tacos El Palmar (1,422)
2. La Elegante (1,249)
3. El Taconazo (1,239)
4. Tacos Galacticos (1,215)
5. El Mexicano (1,008)
6. El Super Antojito (959)
7. Tacos Los Girasoles (885)

1. La Elegante
2. El Super Antojito
3. Tacos Los Girasoles
4. Tacos El Palmar
5. El Taconazo
6. Tacos Galacticos
7. El Mexicano

1. Tacos Los Girasoles
2. El Taconazo
3. El Super Antojito
4. Tacos El Palmar
5. La Elegante
6. Tacos Galacticos
7. El Mexicano

Thanks to the local media and blogosphere peeps who spread the word about the event.

- ABC 30
- ESPN 1430
- Fresno Bites
- Fresno Urban
- I Heart Fresno
- KMPH 26
- KSEE 24 (one | two)
- New Rock 104.1
- TasteFresno
- The Fresnan
- The Fresno Bee



That’s La Elegante on top and Tacos Los Girasoles on bottom. Thanks to James Collier of Foie Gras and Flannel for the pics. More at

Responses to "Taco Truck Throwdown: A tasty recap" says:

Thanks for the results. My wife and I like La Elegante, but Los Girasoles really was good and the homemade tortillas were the best!

Joe says:

It just proves my point that El Super Antojito from Sanger has the best tacos, and can hold it’s own. They had second to last in sales but second place in the people’s choice and third on judges. Hopefully next time they will get a spot where they are visible and more people can enjoy their food. Come and check them out in Sanger you won’t regret it. I recommend the pastor, asada, and carnitas. I’m going over there right now.

scott says:

I missed it, but man it looks good, they ought to do it twice a year, once in April/May and once at the end of the season, maybe 3 times!

Heather says:

I hope the Grizzlies gave you a big thanks for jacking up their attendance numbers, Mike.

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

Tacos Galacticos were very good…I had 4 of them…I was in line about one hour….including the line where you wait for your number to be called. I wanted to get a few more trucks a try, but all the lines were way too long…They need to organize this a bit better. Great idea though. How about the BEE putting another competition (like the RIB thing the other day) LINE UP MORE THAN 8 of these trucks at the WATER TOWER…..I remember in my traveling sales days…15 trucks were parked by the railroad tracks in MODESTO….