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Twist: Another one bites the dust

UPDATE: Here’s more on Twist’s closure from Bethany Clough — both from today’s Bee and on her blog. Sounds like there’s more to the story than we thought.


ORIGINAL POST, 8/31: Nightspot Twist Restaurant and Lounge — perhaps best known for its public spat with the city about dance permits — closed its doors Tuesday.

Located at Palm and Nees, next to The Laundry Room, Twist opened in early 2008. It hosted a variety of DJ nights and concerts, including an acoustic show with Backstreet Boys.

In a statement sent to The Beehive on Tuesday night, Twist management said:

Closing a restaurant is always an extremely difficult decision to make. However, due to the ongoing obstacles in our licenses and permits, compounded by the continued downturn in the economy TWIST has regrettably decided to close its doors. We are very grateful to the employees and local community for their support and patronage over the years.

- TWIST Restaurant and Lounge Ownership and Management.

This much is certain: Whoever takes over Twist’s location will get a nice space.

Responses to "Twist: Another one bites the dust"

melanie says:

I really don’t understand why so many restaurants in Fresno try to be restaurants and nightclubs. Perhaps one of your commenters could explain this. Seems like maybe many of these places would do better if they either focused on making amazing food, or being a really great nightclub, instead of trying to capitalize on both. It’s the same problem we see with the restaurants in Tower District.

Just curious…

bradley says:

The City of Fresno, ABC and the Police Dept pretty much make it a requirement that food be served in any establishment with a liquor license.

Now you know why it has been a very long time since you’ve seen a new nightclub or bar open that was not also a restaurant.

jaurique says:

this was the place where all the women loved to go. was a nice spot and im sorry to see it go. I know lots of women who will be sad that this place is closed.
Mike is right whoever takes over will get a nice spot ready to open right back up.

marc says:

it’s sad to see great, trendy places go. it’s sad to see great, mom-n-pop places go. the city of fresno and clovis make it just so hard for small businesses to make an honest living. i don’t blame them for closing their doors and taking their money else where to a city that appreciates small businesses.

Dave says:

Very sad to see another local business have to close. I can say with experience that Fresno & Clovis and the State make it difficult to open and maintain a small business. Unforntunately that shopping center has many empty spaces and that is tough on the businesses as well.

bradley says:

I have to give Chong Kim and crew HUGE props for building the only decent dj booth in town. Unlike the rest of the restaurant/club hybrids in town, they committed good equipment, and thus good sound, to the club environment, instead of making the dj’s bringing in their own sound — which results in no quality control at all.

They gave it a good go, and did the restaurant/club hybrid better than most.

Eddie C says:

Really sad to see Twist close its doors. Such a unique and trendy spot in Fresno. I know my wife and her friends were long time loyal patrons of Twist. Best of luck to the Twist’s owners/management on their next endeavors.

Jeff says:

Doesn’t a bowl of nuts count as food? Who’s going to a nightclub or bar to have some nachos and potato skins. Have you tried to dance while eating nachos? Cheese gets everywhere! ;)

Rudy M says:


Derek says:

I never visited Twist as a club but went a few times to the restaurant. The food and service were always good and prices were fair. Not my #1 restaurant but sorry to see it go.

Anonymous says:

I don’t think that the police were just trying to shake this club down. I don’t think that. They would never do that! no way! I don’t think that. Do you think that? i don’t. No way would the nice, decent upstanding law enforcement officers use their position to bully, shake down, etc., anybody. no way, never…

Anthony says:

Fun place too bad the local government caused them to close with there stupid laws and codes that are outdated

JJJ says:

Damn, these things come out of nowhere. I thought they were highly successful.

Anonymous says:

It’s always sad to hear any type of business to close its doors. I have been there many times and met many of the employees that work there. Many have put their heart and soul in the restaurant/bar to make it a wonderful place to have a good time. I know that they were having some problems with Fresno PD approving a dance permit, this caused there bottom line to suffer a great deal and the economy didn’t help either. Owning any business in Fresno is extremely hard and especially opening a business that serves drinks and allows dance permits to be approved by the city council, Fresno PD is almost impossible here in Fresno. I have lived in many towns in California and in other states and one thing that I see is that Fresno PD is money hungry. They would rather catch people going ten miles over the speed limit then crack down on hookers and petty crimes, such as theft, assaults and a number of other crimes that more dangerous than speeding. Their goal is to tow your car and have you pay all the impound fees. Now with the economy down they won’t even agree on salary cuts. I want to thank all the staff for showing me, my friends and family great times. For those haters that said that they didn’t have a good time there, you need to look at yourself and not rely on anybody or anyplace to make your time, good. I wish the best of luck to everybody in Fresno, you really do need it. Chief Dryer doesn’t care about anybody unless you wear a badge, and that’s a fact.

Robert D says:

I have a better idea, close down ABC which sucks up our tax dollars, and keep Twist open because the pay taxes!

Claire L says:

So, I realized that a few afternoons ago I had the house all to myself and was listening to my music nice and loud and broke out into dance ( pathetically white girl from the 80′s dancing…but all the same, dancing)….and I don’t have a permit….

W T F !! Dance permits? Can someone please explain the Footloose-ness of dance permits to me?

As for Anon’s comment. I hate to agree… but it, often, feels true. It’s as if protecting and serving has been replaced by collections and fees.