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Concert News: Miranda Cosgrove cancels Big Fresno Fair concert


Teen actress and singer Miranda Cosgrove, best known for her starring role in the hit TV show “iCarly,” has been forced to cancel her Big Fresno Fair concert appearance.

Cosgrove was scheduled to perform at 1 p.m. Oct. 15, one of the highly anticipated concerts on this year’s fair lineup.

Cosgrove’s publicist released the following statement this morning:

“Due to the severe ankle injury she suffered in a bus accident last week, Miranda Cosgrove has to cancel the rest of her tour to take the time to properly recover, per doctor’s orders. Miranda is heartbroken and thanks all her fans for their continued support.”

Tickets — which were selling for $30 and $36, or $160 in a meet-and-greet package — will be refunded automatically if purchased via credit card. It should take 7-10 days. Cash purchases will need to be refunded at the fair’s box office starting Monday during normal business hours, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday. For more info: (559) 650-FAIR

The Fair says it is looking for another act to fill the gap left in the schedule. It hopes to make an announcement within the next week.

Oddly enough, Cosgrove is not the only rising music star to have to cancel a fair date in recent years because of injury. In 2009, rapper/singer Drake canceled a concert after he tore his ACL.

Responses to "Concert News: Miranda Cosgrove cancels Big Fresno Fair concert"

Matt says:

good thing she didn’t break an arm, or she might’ve had to retire altogether!

Ray Arthur says:

Clarence Clemons performed in a wheelchair or chair. I’m just sayin’.

mdub420 says:

bring in tech9 to fill the void.

gw70 says:

Paging Rebecca Black!

NG says:

I fail to realize why I sprained ankle would affect a concert 2 months from now. I got a feeling its an excuse for poor ticket sales.

Does anyone know how the show was selling?

mdub420 says:

how is someone suppose to dance on a fractured ankle, and a broken toe? There are a couple baseball players, Kendry Morales and Ike Davis, who have broken or fractured their ankles, and they still haven’t recovered. Morales and Davis have been on the DL almost all season, and won’t be coming back. All because of their injured ankles. And all these guys have to do is play first base and swing the bat.

A couple of you question a young girl about her injury and why she can’t continue to perform? LOL!! Hey I normally wouldn’t care, but since I watch the show, I’m going to defend her.

mdub420 says:

sorry to hog up this post, but this is funny. i told my son that iCarly won’t be able to perform at the fair because of her accident. and he asked, “is she in the hospital?” i said no, she just needs to recover from her broken ankle. and he says, “she only needs to be on crutches for a couple days, and then she can sing. what’s the problem?”