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So about that Snoop Dogg show …


UPDATE: Here’s the explanation I got from show promoters Level 10 Productions:

“Unfortunately, we got stuck with a case of classic Snoop Dogg. He is notorious for being late,” says Level 10′s Luke Vicente. “We had him scheduled for 11:30 p.m. We did all we could to get him there on time, but his personal entourage made sure it was their way or the highway. Our hands were tied.”

ORIGINAL POST: The rumblings around the Fresno Internets late last night and this morning are that Snoop Dogg took his time rolling up on stage last night at Rainbow Ballroom.

He didn’t hit the stage until 1:25 a.m. (on a Wednesday night, mind you) and then only performed for about 40 minutes.

The show had a start time of 8:30 p.m., and we all know those times on the tickets are never when the show starts — especially at hip-hop shows. But five hours later?!? Isn’t that a little much? Some ticket buyers (who spent between $35 and $50 to get in) were none too happy, some even walked out before Snoop bow-wow-wowed for Fresno.

Here’s a timeline of events sent to us by a Beehive reader:

  • 10:25 p.m. — Only a DJ had hit the stage at this point.
  • 11:15 p.m. — First act up on stage
  • 12 a.m. — Second opening act finishes
  • 1:05 a.m. — Restless crowd starts a chant of “f*** this sh**”
  • 1:12 a.m. — After lots of booing and people throwing things at the stage, someone comes to the mic and tells the crowd, “Stay with us. An amazing show is coming up.”
  • 1:25 a.m. — Snoop hits the stage
  • 2:05 a.m. — Snoop finishes his set

I reached out to concert promoter Level 10 Productions both last night and this morning to ask why the delays, but have yet to hear back.

Anybody there last night? Was it as frustrating as it sounds? Was Snoop’s performance — when it finally came — worth the time and money?

Responses to "So about that Snoop Dogg show …"

Robert says:

Terrible! Definitely a waste of time and money. Got there at 8:30 and left at 1:30. Didn’t get to see Snoop and no one had any answers to my inquiries as I left. Refund???

Blair says:

For a club show I thought his set was pretty good. 40 minutes seems about right. I got there about 10:45 expecting he would be on by about midnight, and obviously I was wrong. I can understand people getting mad, especially when there is a lot of time in between the opening act and Snoop. There were a lot of people who had been standing for hours. I had been to The Rainbow Ballroom in the past where they added extra seating away from the stage and in the bar area. Probably not quite worth the money seeing as I have paid the same amount to see him in arena shows that started on time and he performed for about 90 mins. I have been to better ones and been to worse ones. The group of about 5 I went with all seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Jared says:

The concert was great once Snoop showed and got the crowd hyped. THe 3 hours of DJ Soto — pathetic and disappointing. He had no bead on the crowd and should have been dismissed quickly. Ray Yung and the following band had horrible sound, as if typical at a concert where they force them to have local sound and not professional sound. Two guys got on stage and were escorted off after the crowd boo’d and threw things on stage. I have never seen a performer get the crowd so angry and then once he hit the stage…all ills fell away and he rocked the hell out of the stage. It was him, Daz, Kurupt and Warren G. Incredible concert for the money…and I was front row center for it all.

mdub420 says:

This guy got 1:25, well I was ten minutes off haha. I knew Snoop was going to take the stage real late, but I didn’t expect after 1am. I wasn’t restless and getting impatient like errbody else. I’m a very patient man haha. I did wish I could have taken a couple of beers out there on the main floor, but they didn’t allow that. I also didn’t want to lose my spot on the floor so I stayed put for a couple hours. For the hour of waiting for Snoop, they at least were playing good songs from his new album. I haven’t heard it before, so it was surprise that some of the new songs were aight.

The guys who put the show on came on stage at one point to try and get errbody to chill, and trust them that snoop was going to come on stage. i was expecting him to tell us that snoop didn’t make it. this was around 1am.

I did like the performance. He performed songs from Doggystyle, Chronic 2001, and of course he did his recent pop hits like drop it like its hot, and another recent hit that I forgot the name to. The best song he did was Aint No Fun because Warren G came out to do his verse. That was followed up with Regulators and Snoop did Nate’s part.

Worth the money? Probably not, but hey, I got to see the Dogg Pound perform up close, and was kicking with cool peeps. Didn’t have to wait in that long line outside to get in, it was cool. I understand the frustration. The people behind us bounced at 1 because they had to go to work. I made it to work today. Am i going to be productive? probably not lol. i can’t handle these weekday events.

Mikey says:

It was an awesome gig because the whole Dogg pound was there but the promoters failed hard this time. Outside of the wait the V.I.P. was complete garbage too because they decided to start offering meet-and-greets the day of the show for $100, $50 more than the V.I.P tickets.

I really did not have a problem with the price but I had an issue with them offering that only for the day of the show. The opening acts were absolutely terrible too and the DJ was playing some really lame stuff.

Snoop said before the end of his set that he would come back to Fresno anytime. I just hope if it is its with better people.

Gas Man says:

Major case of amateur hour at the ‘Bow last night. Tough to know how much Snoop is at fault, but the promoters were massively out of there depth. A complete waste of my VIP (x 2) dough.

Won’t cause a dent of course, but I will certainly tell all the folks that I can influence not to buy into this group’s events/promotions down the road.

jhs says:

What a joke…

Ramon says:

Maybe Snoop and his very talented band
were tuning up, to give the crowd funky
beats with jazz laced chording.
Oh, forgot this is Poet, Rapper..
No chords required….

Mikey says:

I shoulda proof read my post, I meant to put that they offered the Meet-and-greets ON the day of the show and nowhere in between that.

DJ Sal says:

The promoters suck and DJ Soto plays the same set.

Blair says:

I thought the DJ was great. He played a lot of great west coast tracks: Nipsey Hussle, Mac Dre, Luniz and even local artists like Planet Asia and Diego Redd.

Kiel says:

As an outside observer, it seemed like a good show. I was working late across the street. No one was vocally upset on the street. Everything seemed civil. I could really hear the crowd when Snoop Dogg hit the stage.

Shows go late. I think that’s a good thing. I hate it when they’re over too quick. If that was par for the course with Snoop regarding late start, then people should have been prepared for that.

Marie says:

Well he did play in SLO the night before.. Was he late to that show too? Also this is Snoop Dog were talking about he’s been aroundfor years and I’m sure will do what he wants.. Cut Level 10 some slack! I’m sure if he was to play at savemart center you would’ve paid even more for tickets.. It is what you make of it!

Gas Man says:

Re the UPDATE: Luke Vicente: “classic Snoop Dogg”…gotta love this guys unwitting admission that they knowingly were promoting and profiting from an event when they had every reason to believe they couldn’t control or deliver a product–great stuff for the law suits. Well done!

I kid of course (or maybe not), and I get that there are no guarantees with entertainers. BUT, when an event turns into an ugly rip-off right before your very eyes, it’s on the promoter to make it right…and making it right doesn’t mean scapegoating the entertainer. What a load…

Excuses are like what again? Grow up L3vel 10, make it right or leave it to the adults next time.


Snoop smoothed that sh@t out like peanut butter !

Killer show, the women were beautiful last night, scantily clad and damn if I didn’t smoke a quarter of kill…

jaurique says:

My advice – write a strong contract with details of time at venue, time go on stage and length of time on stage, as well as any vip meet n greet requirements you need.
Don’t let the talent run the show because at end of the day it is the promoters money and name that gets blown.

I think if this was a weekend night it wouldnt have been so bad as long as the crowd was entertained. drinks, acts in between sets, etc, but 1:30am performance on a weekday!!!

Rap IS Dead says:


0Juan23 says:

Were their hands tied when it came to a DJ who refused to play any song longer than 20 seconds? It seemed his tactic was: play a song…crowd cheers…change song before chorus. Were their hands tied when making sure the sound was good? The 2 opening acts fell short due to mic and speaker issues…one act even repeated a song due to sound guys playing music in wrong order. Overall FAIL! Snoop may have delivered…but it was 2 hours late and I only stayed to make sure I got money’s worth. On a side note I’ll add that I was pleasantly surprised by the crowd…good energy…lots of people having fun…and no drama.

Uncle Junebug's #1 Fan says:

How very insightful, @Rap IS Dead. I can see that you put a lot of thought into your comment.
I happen to enjoy (good) rap music and I am not a “dope and meth head that [is] ruining society.”
But I digress…
I was at the Warnors the last time Snoop came to town and it was the same issue. Although he put on a good show, it wasn’t good enough for me to spend the money to sit and listen to mediocre opening acts for 5 hours to see him perform again. Call me old :/

Danielle says:

If Snoop was lagging, fine, I get it. But why did the FIRST act go onstage well after 11 pm for a show that was billed as starting at 8:30? And the sound was pretty horrible…

Lissa Lou says:

Typical pathetic Fresno …… We can’t even get a “Dogg” into this town!! People, the only way
he will get a small wakeup call from this deadbeat town is to boycott his music, whether it
be himself or a collaboration, and don’t purchase anything where any money goes to him or his “people” He ain’t that good anyhow….

seamless J says:

This come down to ONE thing. INEXPERIENCED Promoters like Level 10 stepping in and trying to do shows but getting in way over their head. It takes more than some capital to put on a good show. Nuff said.

Stephen says:

Seamless J and Jaurique are right of course.

As young promoters, this was probably to be a huge coup for them, but since they aren’t longtime/bigtime promoters and probably aren’t rich, they couldn’t possibly have been in a position to say ‘the show is starting at 10pm, with you guys or without you guys. And if you don’t show on time for your set, you won’t get paid. Period.’

But that’s a gamble and a half, and Snoop’s probably got more lawyers than he has blunts (maybe not), but sometimes that’s what you gotta do.

Either way it sucked ballz for Level 10, but I give them props for trying. They’ll learn from their mistakes and hopefully come back a bit slowly and stronger.

I, too, am mostly happy (and a bit shocked) that the crowd was great and there wasn’t any drama. That’s huge in itself.

ur dad says:

Rappers always do this.

How do people continue to be surprised every time this happens? This happens every single day.

Flava Flave says:

It’s not the promoters fault that Snoop was late. It’s not like they had him hidden away while the crowd grew restless. It was Snoop’s lack of respect that caused this row. Look up what he gets paid to do a show… Now let me ask you this, if you were offered 50k for an hours work would you show up 2 hours late? Don’t blame the promoters with snippy comments, write to Snoop’s management and let them know that you won’t support him. If enough people do this then maybe he will learn to respect the people who put him where he is today – YOU!

Stephen says:

Well, we certainly weren’t the only ones who got dissed:

linda says:

Its now Friday at 5:00 p.m. I just turned 64, stood in front the whole time. Got to ask ourselves How important ws it for us to see Snoop-
The venue and crowd were fine- Snoop must have just messed up that nite–Could it be all those drugs? or maybe he’s just getting oldeeee

Akira says:

Here’s a HQ clip of SNOOP DOGG for his farewell speech to Fresno saying he’ll be back and more.